Task Assignment Notifications, Now in Base

Starting today, whenever someone assigns you a Task in Base, you’ll receive an email notification.

Notification emails will be sent automatically, the second you assign a Task to someone on your team. Previously, email reminders were only sent 1 hour before the Task due date, not ideal for Tasks that took longer to complete.

Actionable notifications

When you’re notified that someone has assigned you a Task, it’s important to know

1. Who assigned you the Task

2. When the Task is due

3. What you need to do next to complete the Task

With notifications, the third step is often neglected. To make the notification email more useful, you’ll also receive the information you need to complete the Task.

For example, information like what stage the Deal is in, the Deal value and what company the Task is associated with is included in the Task notification email. You’ll also receive information about the company or individual related to the Deal. If the Task is related to a Lead, you’ll see similar information. Take a peek at one of our notification emails below.

task notification emails

We hope you find the new Task notification emails helpful. Fire up Base and start creating Tasks for your team. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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