6 Sales Blind Spots – They May Not Be What You Think They Are

6 Sales Blind Spots

A missed sale is like a sock in the gut. It is painful and embarrassing and all the more so when you know that you’ve earned it. The missed sale, that is.

Your own misdeeds can kill any deal. If you don’t want to end up wretched over with regret, check for these 6 sales blind spots that can spoil the sale.

1. Taking the news out of new products.

Businesses buzz internally about new product offerings long before their public release. That protracted conversation can easily deflate everyone’s enthusiasm for the new product, deal or feature shortly after it goes live. But the reality is that your clients haven’t been in on your internal product meetings and they could have easily been out of touch when email announcements were circulated or otherwise distracted while the buzz was still fresh. Your job is to stay excited. Continue to treat new offerings like they are new (because they are to your customers) until EVERYONE on your list has heard you wax poetic about them at least a couple of times.

2. Losing contacts, losing potential deals.

A fully stacked sales funnel is necessary to keep a steady cadence of closed deals. Don’t disregard the business cards you exchanged at that last cocktail hour or the list of email addresses you’ve acquired over the years. Every one of those contacts represent opportunity. Sync your contact info with your CRM account, make contact and play the spread by keeping active business represented in all stages of your sales funnel. If you don’t have a CRM yet, choose an easy-to-use solution like Base, so you don’t miss out on future deals.

3. Losing opportunities with existing customers.

Selling to existing clients is easier and cheaper than mining for new ones. It’s an age old truism, but one that is easy to overlook in the hustle of a sales office. Customer-nurturing campaigns using tools like MailChimp can keep clients warmed to your communications and create natural opportunities to mention new offerings and lay the playing field for expanded sales offerings.

4. Not buying into “their” tools.

The last thing you want to hear is an, “I told you so” from your higher ups. CRM avoidance can easily become a source of contention and a site of lost business. The promise of the CRM is that it keeps you organized so deals and details don’t fall through the cracks, yet many salespeople believe they can handle remembering the details for themselves. They can’t. You can’t. No one can. That is why your company is outfitting you with CRM access. Use it. Your CRM keeps contact information in order and keeps you on track. Don’t let ego stop you from using the tool that increases commissions.

5. Leaving the little tasks unfinished.

An unreturned email. A follow-up call promised, but never made. Schwag never sent. These “minor” oversights make you look dismissive and unprofessional. And they may be costing you business. As a sales professional an essential part of your job is delivering on what you promise – even when it isn’t directly tied to a sale. By seeing even the most mundane tasks through to completion you are building a reputation of reliability. That is the sort of currency that closes deals and the kind you’ll want to have.

6. Not responding to prospect queries.

The anonymity of internet inquiries makes them unappealing to many sales pros. A poorly worded question or an inbox of inquiries that could have easily be answered if the sender just spent a few more minutes on the site can be a source of some serious frustration. Don’t despair. There is gold there.  And all the more if you answer quickly. If you want to close more deals you must respond to more prospect queries. It is simple math. Yes, not every one represents real opportunity, but like any prospecting venture, a percentage of them do. So go ahead and give it a high-touch response, it could be your next closed deal.

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