5 Tips for Rocking Your Sales Proposal

If you’re in a services industry, you know that your sales proposal can make or break your company. Create a stellar one, and you attract new clients. Fail to pay attention to what potential customers want in your proposal, and they’ll go somewhere else.

I previously wrote about 5 tips for creating a killer business proposal. One of my favorite tips from last time, and the reason I think I win my clients trust, is because I listen to what they need. Your proposal shouldn’t be centered around your fantastic products or benefits of working with your firm. It should focus on addressing your customer’s needs. What problems does he have? How can your company solve the problems? Sometimes the customer doesn’t get specific about his needs, and you have to read between the lines.

For example, if you’re a web design firm and your client says he wants more sales, what he really needs, at least from you, is more visitors. That you can achieve with a well-designed site. Get good at reframing the problem to meet your customer’s needs and you’ll reap the benefits in the form of new business.

As 2013 wraps up and you set your new business goals for 2014, here are some more tips for rocking your sales proposal.

1. Think Outside the Template

Sure, it’s easy to use a Word template for your proposal, but for the visually inclined, these documents don’t do much to appeal. Get creative. You should consider creating a Power Point  or Keynote style proposal, chock full of images (especially if you have physical products or are in design). Or, use Quote Roller , a tool for creating, sending and tracking awesome looking proposals.

2. Offer Options

I like to include 2-3 price points for my potential clients. Nine times out of 10, they won’t choose the cheapest package. This gives them options to fit their budgets, but it also shows what they’re missing out on if they go with the entry-level package.

3. Provide a Call to Action

What do you want the reader of your proposal to do after reading it? Call you and sign up, right?? So tell them. At the end of the proposal, include copy that says something like:

Ready to increase your brand visibility online? Contact Susan at Egg to get started.

Make sure to provide your contact info. Even if they have it elsewhere, you don’t want someone who’s ready to give you money to have to waste time digging out your phone number.

4. Offer Add-Ons

If your initial conversation with a potential client revealed that they want, for example, blogging and social media services, you can still include some “a la carte” items should they want to expand what they buy from you down the road. And if they didn’t realize you offered other services, this can alert them to other possible ways you can work together.

5. Follow Up and Be Available

When you send the proposal via email, let the recipient know you are happy to answer her questions. Let her know you’ll follow up with a phone call in a week or so. At that point, the conversation really begins. The proposal was just the jumping-off point for the important dialogue. Now that your future client has all the information about how your company can help her, as well as your pricing, she can let you know what she likes and what she doesn’t.

If she’s asking you to modify your proposed packages, do so. Make it easy for her to get what she needs.

Your business proposal has the potential to open the door to a long-lasting relationship with a client. Get it right the first time with these tips.

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