3 Sales Productivity Insights You Can Gather From Base

Productivity in sales often means working smarter, not harder. In this age of big data, the amount of data you capture in your CRM system matters. Base saves valuable time by capturing your customer interactions automatically so you collect the data you need to understand your team’s sales productivity.

Reports are more than just a looming threat for your weekly meetings. They help everyone on the team to know what is working well and what isn’t. They assess the health of the pipeline and the bottom line. And yes, they can do wonders for productivity.

In this post, we’ll explore a few productivity insights you can grab from Base to help your team work smarter, not harder.

Call Analytics

Call Analytics data will make a huge difference in your sales team’s operation. Considering how much time your reps need to spend on the phone, having a chance to dig deep on the process and success rates will show them which tactics are producing results. From learning the best times for calls to being able to predict outcomes, Call Analytics reports are a must. How can you get all of this great insight into your team’s calls? By taking advantage of Base Voice.

One way to gage how productive your reps are is the Call Count report. It tracks call volume broken down by user so you can see who are your top performers when it comes to picking up the phone. You can see the optimal number of daily calls that lead to actual deals so that you know if your team is reaching out to enough prospects or not.

You’ll notice a blue dotted line down the middle of the report. This represents the average number of calls placed for the given time frame.

Call Count Report

Sales Funnel

For a busy sales executive, one of the biggest ways to impact your productivity is to approach to sales management strategically. Whether you’re in charge of agents hitting the pavement or a manager overseeing operations in the office, Base’s approach to sales management includes features that save time and maintain focus.

For example, sales tracking is how you follow the development of deals through their lifecycle. Every deal you close should move through a well-defined and predictable sales process. This should be the backbone of your sales team. We wrote in greater detail, a 6 Step Plan To Manage Your Sales Pipeline.

With Base, you have a written and visual representation of how your clients are moving through the sales funnel. See exactly where each opportunity stands in the simple drag-and-drop interface, which can be customized to fit your company’s specific steps. For reps, tracking helps you stay on target because you’ll always know exactly where you stand with your assigned deals. This is great information for managers, too, since you can coach your team effectively and make sure the right opportunities receive attention at the right time. With Base’s easy drag-and-drop interface, you can move deals to the next stage seamlessly so your sales pipeline is always accurate.

Sales tracking with Base gives you a detailed picture of exactly where you and your team stand. When you know the status of each opportunity and which opportunities your team members are pursuing you can coach them effectively and help them focus on the right opportunities.


Sales Cycle

It’s easy to figure our your optimal sales cycle in Base. The Stage Duration Analysis allows you to track how long deals are spending in each stage of the sales pipeline and which stages are causing bottlenecks in your sales process. The Stage Duration By Owner shows you how long it takes team members to close deals. In addition to identifying who is closing a deal the fastest and who needs additional coaching, you can also deduct the optimal sales cycle that reps should run.

How? By using both of these reports, you can easily compare the performance among reps and see who is the most successful. You can adopt the habits of high-performing reps to the rest of your sales team in order to run at your optimal sales cycle.


There you have it; 3 ways Base can expose weaknesses in your productivity. Now it’s up to you to fill in the gaps.

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