25 colleges that produce the most sales reps

The decision has been made: You want to get involved in the world of sales. But how do you decide where to get your education? After all, most sales reps need a bachelor’s degree in the area they choose to sell.

Or maybe you’re a hiring manager. You’re looking for top talent for your company, reviewing on which universities you should focus your recruiting efforts.

To make these decisions easier, Zendesk Sell conducted a study to identify the universities that produce the most graduates who go into sales. We started with the LinkedIn Top Companies 2018, determined the number of sales people working for each company, and learned where each of these sales people received their education.

Key findings from the report include:

  • The University of Phoenix produces the most sales reps (5,159).
  • Top-ranking school University of California, Berkeley came in second with 3,730 sales reps.
  • Six universities on our list rank in the top 15 US universities.
  • Sales positions seem geographical—often, local colleges are highly represented (e.g., Seattle-based company Amazon hired 1,615 graduates from the University of Washington).
  • Six international universities made the list, with employees working for top companies (e.g., 341 University of Mumbai graduates work for Amazon).
  • More sales people graduated from public universities than from private universities.

The data includes the number of sales reps, total enrollment of each university, school type, and annual tuition and fees. Information about each university was gathered from U.S. News & World Report for U.S. universities, and from similar sources for international universities.

Here are the 25 colleges that graduated the most sales people.

Top 25 Colleges for Sales Reps

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 7.46.14 AM.png

1. University of Phoenix

Number of sales reps: 5,159

Total enrollment: 131,629

School type: Private

Tuition and fees: $11,219

2. University of California, Berkeley

Number of sales reps: 3,730

Total enrollment: 41,910

School type: Public

In-state tuition & fees (2018-19): $14,240

Out-of-state tuition & fees (2018-19): $43,232

3. University of Washington

Number of sales reps: 3,014

Total enrollment: 46,166

School type: Public

In-state tuition & fees (2018-19): $11,517

Out-of-state tuition & fees (2018-19): $36,898
Stanford University campus

4. Stanford University

Number of sales reps: 2,821

Total enrollment: 17,178

School type: Private

Tuition and fees (2018-2019): $51,354

5. Penn State University

Number of sales reps: 2,727

Total enrollment: 98,783

School type: Public

In-state tuition & fees (2018-19): $18,436*

Out-of-state tuition & fees (2018-19): $33,664

*Cost depends on the campus

6. University of Mumbai

Number of sales reps: 2,579

Total enrollment: 549,432

School type: Public

Tuition and fees: 12,000 INR