Product Update: View Base Data in Zendesk

In 2016, we released a Zendesk integration that allows our joint customers to view Zendesk ticket information on relevant deal and contact records in Base. This integration increases the sales teams’ visibility into support team activity and an accounts’ current sentiment. This knowledge is paramount to providing an optimal customer experience throughout the sales cycle.

However, sales visibility into support activity is only half of the equation to optimizing an end to end customer experience. Today, we released an updated Base App within Zendesk that provides support team visibility into related sales information.

The Base App in Zendesk displays related Base deal, contact and company information within the context of each Zendesk ticket. With this information at their fingertips, your support team can quickly understand context of each ticket;

– Is the contact a current customer or prospect?
– Are they related to any open deals?
– What’s the title and seniority of the contact logging a ticket?

Armed with this contextual data, your support team can better service inquiries in a timely manner, prioritize where to spend their time and quickly understand if they should alert their sales counterpart.

Get started by installing the Base App in Zendesk today or learn more about the related Base and Zendesk integration.

Explore additional Base integrations on our Snap Marketplace.

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Josh Bean

Josh Bean

March 11, 2013

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