13 tips for a perfect sales presentation

At some point, you’ve probably sat through a terrible sales presentation—bad content, too much text, no images and the presenter talks to the slides, ignoring the audience. This type of presentation isn’t just boring: it can discourage future sales.

Presentations are still essential for pitching products, so you need to arrive at your meetings with a rock-solid sales presentation that communicates your pitch to everyone in the room.

Here are 13 tips (with examples) to craft an effective sales presentation that’ll seal the deal at your next meeting.

  1. Start with a solid foundation
  2. Speak to a pain point
  3. Unique is memorable
  4. Provide a framework
  5. Skip the corporate spiel
  6. Offer solutions
  7. Provide research
  8. Everyone is counting on the ROI
  9. Rehearse
  10. Speak to your audience
  11. Engage
  12. Know when to stop
  13. Include a call to action

1. Start with a solid foundation

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Thousands of professionally designed presentation templates are waiting for you on the web. The trick to picking the right one is to dive a little deeper.

Presentation programs like Keynote and PowerPoint offer stock templates straight out-of-the-box. Do not use these. Look for a third-party template that’s professionally designed. There are some attention-grabbing presentation alternatives out there.

Your company may provide you with a template worth using, or you may have to invest in buying your own. Either way, make sure you’re using a template that’s clean and doesn’t look like something you or your prospect has seen a million times before.

Consider enterprise software company Zuora’s sales deck—a presentation that Andy Raskin proclaimed “The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen.”
zuora example
The company’s deck is clean and visually appealing with images and little text. Stats, quotes, and facts are all displayed but do not overwhelm the viewer. The slides embody Zuora’s brand and differentiate the company’s presentation from other run-of-the-mill slide decks.