Use Lead Status to keep your Leads organized

There are definitely commonalities between all of our sales processes, but the bits that make each sales pipeline unique are the reasons why you can already customize your sales funnel in Base. We thought we’d make lead tracking even easier for you, our customers, and let you customize your leads status as well.

Think of each Lead Status as a sales stage, but for your Leads. Once you start using Lead Statuses you will get a whole new level of granularity to your sales process. This will allow you to quickly sort through your Leads list and give you another useful report you can leverage to increase your sales productivity.

Define a process for how your leads are qualified

Qualifying a Leads usually isn’t as simple as calling up a contact once and sliding it over to the next stage. It can take multiple calls and emails, but in the end it’s worth it to know there’s real potential in that lead. If you find yourself making multiple contact attempts when qualifying a lead, setting a Lead Status will be super helpful.

To set a Lead status, open any Lead in your sales pipeline and select the status in the top left corner of the Lead – that’s it! It seems like a simple thing, but it will make your life MUCH easier. After you set a Lead status, you can quickly change views in the Leads tab to only see Leads marked with a specific status.
Base CRM Setting Lead Status

Create custom Lead statuses

We’ve filled in a few Lead statuses for you to help you get started, but you can customize these from the Base Settings to suit your own sales process. After you create your own Lead Statuses, you’ll be able to filter the Leads list by status and generate reports about your Leads.

Generate a report to see the status of all your Leads

When you open the Reports, you’ll notice there is a new report called Lead Status Report. This report shows you all of your Leads broken down by their status. You can also filter the report by Owner to evaluate individual performance.

Lead Status Report in Base CRM

Ready, Set, Lead Status!

Lead Status is now enabled in Base so if you’re already a customer, head over to Settings to set up your custom Lead Statuses and begin organizing your Leads. What kind of Lead Statuses do you think you’ll use the most? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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  • Scott Landsverk

    How about the ability to create lists (views) in Leads. By city, state, zip code, ect.?

  • Mike

    i too have many contacts that actually are leads, but when i added them the lead option was not available. To be able to convert contacts to leads and have the custom contact fields i created automatically be converted to lead fields would be awesome! Hopefully the notes and for each contact would be carried over when it becomes a lead as well.

    Thanks in advance for working on this.