Subscribe Base contacts to MailChimp mailing lists

We’ve teamed up with everyone’s favorite email monkey, MailChimp, to bring you one of the most powerful Base integrations thus far. With this integration, you can subscribe Base contacts from your contact list to a MailChimp mailing list with one click.

After you select the contacts you want to send to MailChimp, you can pick the mailing list you want to subscribe them to.

Base will send the selected contacts to your MailChimp account and you’ll be able to create a new email to send them.

You can set up the integration with these instructions.

Please remember that the MailChimp integration is a premium feature and is only available to users who are on the Starter or Professional plan. If you have any questions, please contact our support team at


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  • Alice

    Rogier did you ever get a reply to this? I’d like to know too :-)

    • Josh Bean

      Hi Alice, I can help with this. Right now it isn’t possible to have this setup automatically though the Base integration, but if you go through a service like this can be accomplished.

      If you’re looking to pull all contacts into MailChimp, you can simply do a select all (using the bulk check box in the top left corner of Leads/Contacts) and then send them over to MC. The MC deduplication service should prevent doubles from being created.

  • Andrew Innes

    Are there any more Mailchimp integrations coming soon? I really need a way for campaign user activity to update automatically within Base CRM. For instance, if a contact opens or clicks within a Mailchimp campaign it would automatically log this activity to the Base CRM contact card. Our focus for sales calls are often directed by Mailchimp campaign activity. So ideally one could then filter contacts who have clicked on recent Mailchimp campaigns.

    I know other CRMs out there already offer this integration, such as Salesforce and Batchbook, but I would like to stay with Base if possible. Any ETA on this capability would be much appreciated. Thanks

    • clement

      Hi Andrew, did you find a solution for doing this? it is critical for me as well. thanks clément