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Let’s face it. Being in sales isn’t always easy. Hopefully, you’re armed with the right tools, like Base, that help you jumpstart the day by outlining your most pressing tasks. Taking it a step further, what if you also knew who was opening your emails, and when they were opening them?

Base Email tracking and delivery status keeps you updated on all emails sent from Base.

Once your customer has opened the email, you’ll see when it was opened. You can view the email status on a Contact, Lead or Deal card as well as on the sent email screen in Base.

When you’re replying to an email in Base, you’ll see the date and time that the email was originally opened by your customer, in the upper right hand corner of the compose message screen.

Pretty neat, right? Spend time following up with engaged prospects who are interacting with your email messages.


reply with email in Base

Connect your email account to Base now and start tracking your email to customers. With email tracking, gone are the days where you had to wonder if your customers are opening the emails you send them.

Every email in Base now has an open and delivery status:

Status Description
sending We are sending this email.
not viewed Email has been sent but the recipient didn’t open it yet.
viewed Email has been sent and opened by the recipient.
not sent This status will be displayed when an email could not be sent. This could be due to server errors, incorrect email address, etc.
not sent with Base View receipts are only available for emails sent from Base. This status will be displayed on email which was synced with Base but sent from another client like Gmail or Outlook.

We hope you find these new email statuses helpful. Happy Selling!

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  • Kamil Janiszewski

    Can you enable it for emails sent from gmail/outlook. Maybe some little snippet, to be added to signature?

    • Josh_Bean

      Currently, we’re only able to track opens when email is sent from Base. This is a great idea though, thanks for sharing!

  • David Chism

    Josh, a nice upgraded feature once again! Great work. Question a client asked me the other day regarding this feature. He is using Google primarily because of the custom signature he has. Do you see Base adding a way to add an HTML signature soon?

    • Josh_Bean

      Yesterday’s update is the first of multiple updates planned for email in the very near future. Custom signatures, along with email templates are two of the biggest requests and we’re going to do our best to get those added.