• Introducing Scoring for Leads and Deals in Base

    Today, we’re rolling out Scoring for Leads and Deals in Base Enterprise, as part of our mission to bring you intelligent business software that helps your team make the most informed decisions possible.

    Scoring rates your Leads and Deals based on what’s important to your organization, and can save your team significant amounts of time by prioritizing opportunities that are good fits for your business.



  • 3 Sales Conversation Habits That Destroy Credibility

    3 Sales Conversation Habits That Destroy Credibility

    Sales consultant and author, Nancy Bleeke, shows sales managers how to identify credibility-crushing sales conversation habits and coach their reps on how to change the conversation.

    You work hard to generate leads for your sales team and establish credibility for your company, brand, and product. But do your sellers build their own personal credibility when they are in the hard-earned conversations with your buyers? Or do they unknowingly kill sales opportunities with seemingly little habits that trash their credibility?

    Credibility is the quality of being believable or worthy of trust. It’s a necessity for earning the sale now more than ever.

    The transparency afforded by the internet means that the reputation and actions of an individual are available to anyone who looks. Buyers can easily “Google” the seller before or after their meeting as they seek to determine whether they are credible. But what the seller does during the meeting with the buyer matters most.

    There are many ways to build credibility and there are three seemingly conversational habits that will kill it.


  • [Seminar Recap] – Building a Powerful Sales Engine

    Wednesday’s seminar with Craig Wortmann, CEO of Sales Engine, and professor of Entrepreneurial Selling at The University of Chicago, was our best attended webinar to date! If you missed it, make a priority to watch a recording of the chat by clicking here.

    Building A Powerful Sales Engine

    We had a lot of questions from our audience, and since we weren’t able to answer all of them in the time allotted, Craig and I will do our best to answer them here.

    As a refresher, during the online seminar, we discussed some of the most pressing questions that sales leaders should start thinking about if they are looking to build or sustain a powerful sales organization. Among our discussion, we covered several subjects including:

    • The 3 most crucial sales challenges of today

    • What happens to the sales department in 2020

    • An Art vs. Science sales debate

    • Why sales productivity can be lacking

    So here we go. Here are our best answers to questions the audience had.


  • New Research For Inside Sale Professionals: B2B Buyer Behavior Study

    If you’re in B2B sales, this is a must read. Software Advice recently analyzed data collected from 6,000,000 unique visitors to the Software Advice website to shed light on when B2B buyers perform research on the Web, when they convert on a website and the best time to contact them. The data is compiled in the Online B2B Buyer Behavior IndustryView Report, which you can access here.

    In this post, we’re highlighting the key findings in the report that are most relevant to inside sales professionals:


  • Meet Quota Crusher Martin Harvey Whose Sales Are Up 25% Since Using Base

    Base Quota Crusher Martin Harvey

    Before we introduce you to Martin, lets take a step back and remember why Base was started in the first place.

    People. The ones actually using the product.

    Frustrated by our own experience with CRM, we founded Base in 2009 based on a strong internal belief that businesses deserve better, smarter software. We’ve come a long way since then, helping thousands of businesses grow and raising over $22 million, including $15 million from our most recent funding round.

    As the only CRM built for people, we think it’s important to highlight the people who are using Base to become 10x more productive.

  • Base Introduces Accounts To Help You Stay Connected To Current Clients

    Since the initial release of Accounts, we’ve made some updates. See the latest Accounts news here.


    Today, we’re excited to kick off Accounts in Base, a function that will serve as a key building block for more experiences that help you manage customers after you’ve closed the deal. As we continue to develop Accounts over the next year, you’ll benefit from an additional layer of features that will help you build and nurture your key customer relationships.

    For our current customers, when you log into Base, you will notice that you now have the ability to manually designate Contacts or Companies as an Account. Base will also automatically mark a Contact or Company as an Account if they are attached to a Deal.


  • Sales 2020: 3 Predictions For The Future Of Selling

    4 Sales Leaders Predict The Selling Landscape in 2020

    Yesterday, I wrote about a Forecast fireside chat we hosted in Atlanta, where Base CEO Uzi Shmilovici sat down with 4 of Atlanta’s top sales executives. The panel discussed the 3 biggest challenges sales teams face. You can read that here. Today, we’re sharing the group’s thoughts about the future sales landscape and what the sales profession might look like in 2020.


  • Atlanta’s Top Sales Executives Reveal The 3 Biggest Challenges In Sales

    Meet Atlanta's Top Sales Execs

    At a Forecast fireside chat in Atlanta, Base CEO Uzi Shmilovici sat down with 4 of Atlanta’s top sales executives to discuss some of the challenges sales teams today are facing.

    The panel discussed many challenges, but we broke it down to the 3 most prevalent:


  • The 6 Greatest Sales Management Lessons from Hubspot’s SVP of Sales, Mark Roberge

    Hubspot's Mark Roberge: 6 Great Sales Management Lessons

    When you grow a sales team like Mark Roberge did – from 1 to 450 employees – you’re going to learn a lot. At a Forecast fireside chat in Boston, Roberge and Base CEO Uzi Shmilovici discussed scaling sales teams, the future of sales, and what Roberge learned in his role as SVP of Sales at Hubspot. We’ve broken it down to Roberge’s 6 most important sales management lessons.


  • We Raised $15M To Fix Business Software – What It Means For You

    Last week we announced a fresh $15M round of funding and I wanted to take the opportunity to share a bit more about our vision.

    Everything we do at Base stems from a strong fundamental belief that business software is broken. It’s served us well so far, but failed to take advantage of the unprecedented computing breakthroughs we experienced over the last several years.

    ACT v Salesforce

    There are specifically two transformational forces that will forever change how we use software at work:

    1. Mobility – you don’t need me to tell you that tablets are outselling PCs. You knew that already. Here’s our bet: 10 years from now, there will be no PCs at work. Ultra thin, light and powerful tablets will be carried by every information worker. Those tablets will seamlessly connect with your screen at the office and other peripherals upon need.

    But there’s much more to mobility than simply being able to carry a powerful computer around. It also introduces a new form of interaction and provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to rethink user interfaces and move away from the archaic concepts that we used on the web to extremely contextual and intelligent interfaces.

    2. Intelligence – let’s talk about the overused and overhyped “Big Data” buzzword. I really like Dan Ariely’s quote here:

    Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it…“.

    There is an extremely small number of companies that get big data right. We made it our mission to be one of those companies. Data is extremely powerful and with power comes great responsibility. Hence, it is critical to understand and interpret data correctly. We’re not revealing our plans here just yet but I can only say that we plan to stun our customers with the level of insight we will provide them right out of the box, like the sales duration analysis report you won’t find in any other product.

    How are we building Base? Well, when we set out to build Base, we knew that the end goal for us was to build the new interface for business software. We could opt in for the “easy path” and build that on top of the Salesforce platform. But that would be like trying to invent a new type of car by taking another car and replacing the engine with a battery. Not a good idea. Turns out that you have to start from scratch and rethink the entire stack, from the infrastructure to the application layer to the interfaces and eventually to the way you market and sell this new type of software.

    The problem with the existing stack is that it is not future ready and cannot be amended to be. You can patch it, put a lipstick on it, market and sell it as such, but it is nearly impossible to actually “re-platform” it. At some point, the incumbent’s customers and prospects understand that the platform is not future ready and are not willing to take the risk of getting stuck with old business technology several years down the road. That’s when the tipping point occurs. Base is opening that gap, step by step, ferociously.

    Like any work of value, building an entire integrated experience is significantly harder and requires a lot more effort and time. That’s why we’re hiring like crazy for product and have built a big engineering team at such an early stage.

    We’re on a mission. We have an unstoppable team, more resources and even more great partners onboard to go execute on that ambitious vision.

    We want to thank all of our customers and supporters. We’re doing it for you, we couldn’t do it without you and we’re thrilled to have you with us on this journey.