• Smarter Classifications for Prospects and Customers

    prospects and customers

    We’re releasing a smaller update to Associated Contacts for Deals that brings a little more intelligence to who is classified as a Prospect and Customer in your Base account. Until now, only the main contact and company associated to a Deal was marked as either Prospect or Customer. Now, all contacts from that company, who are attached to the Deal will also be marked as either Customers or Prospects. This results in a more accurate Prospect and Customer view.


    The primary Contact & Company associated to an active deal in your sales pipeline, along with any of the primary contact’s coworkers who are attached to the deal. These are the people you’re actively selling to.


    The primary Contact & Company associated to a Won deal in your sales pipeline, along with any of the primary contact’s coworkers who are attached to the deal. These are the people who have already purchased from you.

    You’ll also notice that the associated contacts area on the Deal card received a slight facelift. Look for these updates to appear in your Base account within the next 24 hours.

  • Introducing The Pipeline Development Report

    Pipeline Development Report

    Today we’re releasing a brand new funnel intelligence report that you can only get with Base. The new Pipeline Development Report takes two snapshots of your sales pipeline and visualizes your sales funnel development over time. The report will show you how deals flowed between the stages during the given time period. This visualization helps you understand where the deals from the beginning snapshot moved to during the given time period. In the example above, I can see all the deals added to my pipeline this month and which stages they were moved to. (more…)

  • Global Email Visibility Options Now Available


    We’re making it even easier to share customer conversations with your team. Today we’re introducing Global Email Visibility settings so you can share email conversations with your team automatically. Say goodbye to sharing conversations one-by-one. (more…)

  • Base Integrates With Smart Guestbook Weckey


    Base now integrates with Weckey, the smart guestbook that helps businesses automate the visitor management and sign-in process. With Weckey, visitors sign-in when they arrive at the business using an iPad. The guest’s sign-in information will not only be stored in the business’ Visitor History section in Weckey, but the guest will be entered as a contact in Base. Once the guest has been entered as a contact, the time and date of visit, the reason for visit and person the visit was with will be added into the notes for that particular contact in Base. Existing Base contacts will be updated with the visit information. This integration helps capture interactions that were previously unidentifiable and will add a whole new dimension to your relationship management.

    Learn more about Weckey and automated your visitor sign-in process here, then connect your Base account and capture all your interactions with visitors.


  • Track email opens and clicks with Base

    link tracking in base

    Today we’re excited to announce that you can now track opens and clicks for email sent from Base. After an email is sent, you will not only be able to see if the email was opened/clicked but also how many times these actions occurred. From the Base Communication Center, you can also review all sent email in one place, so you can see who’s viewed your message and who’s avoiding you.


    Next time you’re sending sales email, be sure to send it from Base and take advantage of templates and the new open/click tracking. If you’re getting stuck on subject lines for your cold emails, or want to try something new for your next campaign, check out this helpful Quora post for ideas. Happy Selling!


  • Feature Update: Email Anyone From Base

    email anyone from baseIt is now possible to send email to anyone from Base. Previously, you were only able to send email to those who were already a Lead or Contact. Perhaps you want to CC a colleague who isn’t on Base? No problem, you can now include them on the email sent from Base while you get the benefits of read notifications and templates. Give it a try today and let us know what you think. Also, check back soon for more exciting email updates.



  • Lead Tracking: 6 Ways Sales Teams Track Leads More Effectively

    Lead trackingLead tracking is a vital component of every sales organization. Without a proven lead tracking strategy, it can be near impossible to understand the status of each lead, forecast overall sales and calculate the ROI of each campaign.

    But tracking leads effectively can be intimidating, right? It’s not just about wrapping your arms around the sheer volume of deals your team is working on – you have to coach them along the way and make sure they’re following the process outlined by your business. And doing all of this can take hours (or days, or weeks) more than you have time for. (more…)

  • Uncover Insights With New Filtering Options For Reports


    We’ve added new filtering updates to Base Reports so you can now slice and dice your data in more ways than ever before. The new updates include:

    Multi-select: You can now multi select fields so you can view several values from a given field.
    Dimmed Fields: Irrelevant fields are now dimmed. No more clicking on a filter to realize it has no effect on the data.
    Ownership Filter: We’re introducing a new Ownership filter that is available for all reports so you can filter by User, Team or Group.
    Deal Source: The Funnel Report now includes a Deal Source filter so you can see how your sales funnel changes based on the source of the Deal.
    Goal Filtering: The Sales Goals Report can now be filtered by Team, Group or Owner so you can get a closer look at who’s hitting their goals.

    We hope you find these new filters useful. Head over to the Base reports and give them a try today. Happy Selling!

  • Share customer conversations with your team – new email visibility options

    Update: Since this announcement, we’ve also added Global Visibility options for email.


    Every day, sales teams track more and more conversations with Mailman. Email templates with merge tags and read notifications give sales teams a significant edge on the competition. However, these conversations are only visible to the sales person who sends or receives the email – not to the entire team. For larger teams, this is a huge problem. To help solve this, we’re introducing powerful new email visibility options so you can automatically share conversations with your team. Previously, this could only be accomplished by manually converting each email to a note, not a fun experience.

    Email Visibility

    The all new Mailman visibility options allow you to share conversations with anyone else on your team who can also see that Lead, Contact or Deal. These share options can be found at the top of the activity feed. From any Lead, Contact or Deal, just select which conversations should be shared with the rest of the team. These new email sharing options are just a few of many Mailman experiences to make you a more productive sales person. Subscribe to the Base blog to stay updated on all the new features as they are released.

    Update: Since this announcement, we’ve also added Global Visibility options for email.

  • Base Adds Profile Images For Users


    We’re adding more faces to Base. You can now add an image to your Base user profile. These user images will appear for collaborators on Deal cards and on the Rep Performance Dashboard. Upload a profile image for your account in the Base Settings now.

    Look for profile images to be used more and more in Base. Where do you want to see profile images added? Let us know in the comments below.