• The Importance Of Being Bold In Sales

    In Sales, Be Bold

    How to overcome insecurities and face sales challenges head on.

    “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

    - Friedrich Nietzsche (and Kelly Clarkson)

    The scene in “The Matrix” where Neo is offered the choice between a reality he knows but which is entirely fake, (the blue pill) and an unknown but genuine reality (the red pill) resonates so much with us because we can all identify with the idea of making life-changing decisions.

    To varying degrees, we all realize that we create what we want to be true or what we fear by merely thinking and believing.


  • Base Email for Android is here

    base email for android

    We’ve been working hard to bring Base email to mobile devices. Starting today, Android users can sync their email with Base.

    Base email syncs with your mailbox and automatically matches communication with your Leads, Contacts and Deals so you can see the big picture. No matter where you send email from (the web, another app, your tablet) Base will capture all of your communication and display it in one easy to understand feed.


  • What Is The #1 Predictor Of Sales Success?

    predicting sales success

    As a sales manager, a big part of your job is to hire the right people. Hiring the right people involves predicting their success.  You want to be able to predict how much business they’ll bring in during a given quarter and how well they’ll gel with your existing team. You probably wish you had a psychic medium to give you a look into the future.

    That magical crystal ball may not be so far out of your grasp. Sometimes, you can get a sense for how likely success is very early on in the game. We reached out to many top-notch sales experts to get their answers to the question: what is the number one predictor of sales success? Here’s what they had to say.


  • Hubspot’s Mark Roberge and Base CEO Uzi Shmilovici Talk Startups, Growing Sales Teams and the Future of Sales

    Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer and SVP of Inbound Sales at Hubspot, shares his story about taking Hubspot from a class project in 2005 to 80M in revenue in 2013

    Mark Roberge

    Mark Roberge is Chief Revenue Officer of the HubSpot Inbound Sales Division.  Prior to this role, Mark served as HubSpot’s SVP of Worldwide Sales and Services from 2007 to 2013, during which time he increased revenue over 6,000% and expanded the team from 1 to 450 employees.  These results placed HubSpot #33 on the 2011 Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list. Pretty impressive right? That’s why we invited Mark to speak at The Forecast Club. During a fireside chat in Boston, Roberge and Base CEO, Uzi Shmilovici, talk about startups, scaling sales teams and the future of sales. This is the first part of a 3-part interview series we’ll be sharing on the blog.


  • What Shark Tank’s Talbott Teas Can Teach Us About Selling

    While the average Shark Tank viewer may watch for entertainment value, the hit ABC show also provides an education on how to successfully sell your product to high-profile prospects. With over 20 million dollars invested in 109 companies, Shark Tank can teach us a lot about sales. Back in November, we published a post called The 5 Most Successful Shark Tank Deals And What You Can Learn From Them.” The post has been wildly popular, so we knew this was a topic we wanted to explore deeper. We created a 20-page ebook on the topic to do just that. In the ebook, we take 5 of the most lucrative and successful deals from the show and analyze why we think they were so successful. We hope you can take away some of the lessons from this ebook and apply them to your own selling practice or business.


    In this post, we’re sharing some of the lessons we learned from Talbott Teas, a line of designer whole-leaf teas, who asked for $250,000 in return for 20% equity in their company on the show. They eventually partnered with Kevin O’Leary who invested $250,000 for 35% equity in their business. In 2012, Talbott Teas was purchased by Jamba Juice for an undisclosed amount. Pretty cool success story, right? Let’s “dive” in and discuss what Talbott Teas can teach us about selling.


  • Base Goes Global with Multi-Currency Support

    You asked, we listened. Next time you add a Deal in Base, you’ll have the option to set the local currency for that deal. Since the beginning, Base has supported default account currencies from around the world, but now it’s possible to have a single pipeline with multiple currencies.

    add multiple currencies


  • How to Distribute High Value Content to Your Customers on Autopilot

    Your customers are seeking high value content every day. How they find it and who delivers it is up to you.

    Recently I shared a post about how to find high value content worthy of your prospects and customers. In it I provided seven tools and tactics that when deployed correctly will provide just the information that your customers will appreciate.

    Once you have this helpful information available, the next question becomes:

    “How do I get this information into the hands of my prospects and customers on a regular basis?”

    I suggest the follow-up to that is:

    “How do I make sure that they know that it is being provided by me?”

    By using the following tools and techniques, you will not only deliver the desired information but also establish yourself as the “go-to” person for this information. It will not only open additional opportunities with your existing customers, it will open the doors of opportunity for prospective customers that you have not yet met.

    Here are tools to help you get your name and information into the customer’s hands:


  • The Future of Sales: 5 Predictions from LinkedIn’s SVP of Sales, Mike Gamson

    Mike Gamson

    When Mike Gamson was initially courted by an old colleague and asked to join the budding team at LinkedIn he declined the offer. A few months later he was persuaded to make the flight from Chicago to Silicon Valley and there began his long-term, long-distance relationship with the professional networking market leader, LinkedIn. Currently Mike Gamson serves as the SVP of Sales at LinkedIn and as an advisor to Base.

    At a Forecast fireside chat in Chicago, Gamson and Base CEO, Uzi Shmilovici, talked about the sales landscape and which skills sales representatives must cultivate and the sort of talent sales teams must secure. We’ve broken it down to 5 of Gamson’s most memorable insights on the future of sales.


  • 4 Questions About Marketing Effectiveness You Can Answer With Base

    According to Forrester Research, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. How do your sales and marketing teams work together to source and qualify leads? In Base, you can gather insights about your lead generation, qualification and closure. We’ve already covered the questions Base can help you answer about your sales performance and sales process in previous posts. Today, we’re going to discuss 4 questions about marketing effectiveness you can answer with Base.

    1. How Many Leads Is Marketing Sending Sales?

    For example, sales-driven organizations would agree that generating leads is the single most important objective. At the drop of a hat, you should know how many leads your sales team is getting in from the marketing department. This is where the Total Incoming Deals report comes in. You can sort the amount of incoming leads by date or by sales rep.

    Total Incoming Deals


  • P.S. I Love You – Love Notes From Our Customers

    Valentine's Day

    In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we decided to publish some customer love. For us, it’s always rewarding to receive feedback from customers, especially when it’s positive! Whenever we get a particularly good note, we share it on our internal social network. It’s a great reminder to everyone on our team, from marketing and sales to dev and ops to keep pushing what we’re working towards – making sales teams 10x more productive and managers 10x smarter.

    So let the love fest commence.