• Introducing Sales Activity Reports

    Introducing Sales Activity Reports

    Today we’re releasing a new set of sales activity reports to help frontline managers get a clear picture of team progress. With these new activity reports, sales managers will be able to identify activity trends and evaluate performance over time. All of the activity is seamlessly tracked in the background, so there’s no interruptions into the sales rep’s day. Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s new. (more…)

  • Fully Integrated Web Forms with Base + Launchcloud Integration


    One of the biggest challenges for online businesses today is capturing leads and managing paperwork with field teams. Whether it’s on your website or out in the field, capturing leads is a challenge that every successful business learns to master. Launchcloud is working to make this better and used our API to bring a new approach to data collection. Launchcloud is a mobile form-building tool that lets you create, customize and test web forms. They’ve just rolled out a brand new integration with Base that makes data capture easier for field reps, and we’re excited to have our customers give it a try.


  • Multiple Sales Pipelines Now Available

    Multiple Sales Pipelines

    Today we’re excited to announce the release of one of our all-time most requested features, Multiple Sales Pipelines. This release will allow Enterprise customers to create an unlimited number of sales pipelines, complete with reporting and permissions. Businesses with multiple sales processes no longer need to adopt a one size fits all mentality. New sales pipelines can be added by admins from the deal settings by clicking on add pipeline. Take a look below to see everything that’s new. (more…)

  • 5 Ways to Optimize Your Sales Process With Email [Webinar Recap]

    5 Ways To Optimize The Sales Process With Email

    Last month I hosted a webinar where I covered my top 5 ways to optimize your sales process. At the webinar, we went beyond looking at features and actually discussed how the features can fit into your business processes. Email is a critical tool for sales reps and when used correctly, it can produce some serious ROI. However, if you’re simply using email for basic back and forth communication, there’s room for improvement. Watch the webinar below to see what we covered. Happy Selling! (more…)

  • 8 Habits of Quota Hitting Account Execs

    Climb To The Top

    While it might feel like the stars need to perfectly align for an AE or SDR to consistently hit their goal, there are strategies and habits that can set them up for success. TOPO estimates 83.4% of SDRs fail to consistently hit quota each month meaning roughly 8/10 sales reps fail to meet the expectations set for them. We need to change that, and I’m not talking about reducing the quota! Take a page out of the top performing sales reps’ book and make these habits part of your daily routine. Quota attainment will become a regular occurrence in no time. (more…)

  • Smart Links Connect Base to Limitless Possibilities

    smart links

    Big things come in small packages and our new Smart Links are no exception. Smart Links allow you to create unique dynamic links to outside applications with information from Leads, Contacts or Deals. The links can be populated with unique data allowing you do a quick google search, create an invoice, or even compose a tweet; all with a single click. This functionality is available on all plans and there’s no limit to how many links can be created.


  • How To Build A Metric Driven Sales Team


    Ask anyone who’s had a hand in building a sales team from the ground up and they will be the first to tell you that it’s no small feat. Now, lets talk about building a metric driven sales team that operates like a well oiled machine. Some will say it’s impossible!

    Today we’re releasing a brand new ebook, How To Build A Metric Driven Sales Team, to make that challenge a little easier. This eBook picks up where our extremely popular Sales Metric Cheat Sheet left off and serves as an actionable resource for adding metrics into your sales process.

    Do you know what to do when your BDRs can’t keep up with the incoming leads? Do you know how to calculate the lead and deal capacity for your Account Executives? Download our latest ebook to get these answers and more.

    Get this eBook here. Once you have a chance to read it, let me know what you think in the comments below! (more…)

  • The 4 Step Sales Checkup – Start The Year Right


    The holidays can be a roller coaster for sales reps. One week it’s impossible to get anyone on the phone and the next week the phone doesn’t stop ringing. When things slow down at the office, it’s the perfect time to perform a quick 4 step sales checkup. This quick checkup will help you kick off the new year on the right track. I’ve outlined some key indicators that you’ll want to keep track of. Improvements in these areas will have a direct impact on the bottom line. (more…)

  • Updated Dashboard Deal Insights


    Today we’re releasing a new set of dashboard deal insights to give you deeper visibility into what’s going on in your Base account. The dashboard deal insights allow you to see a detailed list of team deal load, sales progress, and recent deal activity. We’re also adding the following levels of visibility for managers:

    • My Deals
    • My Team’s Deals**
    • All visible Deals

    **At the sales rep level, ‘My Team’s Deals’ isn’t an option.

    Adding Upcoming Appointments

    We’ve also added upcoming appointments to the dashboard to keep you on top of your day. The upcoming appointments can be found at the bottom right corner of the dashboard below tasks. See an example below. Enjoy!


  • Introducing a Brand New Guide for Evaluating Mobile CRMs


    Here at Base, we’ve come to learn a thing or two about what it takes to create a killer mobile selling experience. In fact, we’ve learned so much through our own experiences that we’ve become experts in mobile sales. And so we decided it was about time to share our treasure trove of knowledge with you all.

    In our latest ebook, Choosing the Right Mobile CRM for Your Team, we offer some expert tips and tricks for evaluating and strategically finding the best mobile CRMs. If you’re looking to build a mobile sales team, this ebook is an absolute must.