• Tips to Develop a Data-Driven Sales Culture

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    According to Dell’s recent Global Technology Adoption Index, companies that are actively using big data show 50% higher revenue growth rates than those that are not. While it may seem ironic that an industry that was once considered an art is finding data and science to be the keys to success, the numbers don’t lie.


  • Customer Spotlight: DocPlanner

    DocPlanner LogoDocPlanner is a fast-growing Warsaw based company that provides millions of patients a great platform for finding local doctors and booking appointments online. The company has been rapidly entering new markets and growing its sales team across Europe. Given this growth, DocPlanner’s VP of Sales, Konrad Jarowski, and Product Manager, Mateusz Mikulski, needed a CRM to fit their expansion plans. Konrad and Mateusz initially attempted to build a CRM in-house, but quickly realized this wasn’t a scaleable solution given their growing needs. (more…)

  • 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Miss Forecast 2016

    Forecast Blog 1Base’s annual Forecast sales conference is just around the corner! As we put a few finishing touches on this year’s venue and agenda, we want to remind those of you who are not yet registered that there are still a few tickets left. Here are 5 reasons why you definitely don’t want to miss this year’s conference for science-driven sales leaders. (more…)

  • How to Stop Dirty Data from Infiltrating Your Sales Org

    With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated each and every day, companies have unprecedented access to information that has the power to reveal actionable and quantifiable insights around sales growth. But in the midst of this big data boom, businesses are quickly finding out that not all data is created equal, and that the only thing worse than having no data is having bad data.
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  • Customer Spotlight: STAjets

    STA-Jets-logoFor STAjets, the sky’s the limit. What once started as a humble mom-and-pop shop in 2005 has grown into a cross-national organization with offices across the country. Ten years later, STAjets has become a full-fledged aviation and aerospace company and boasts a growing high-end clientele. With a growing number of incoming leads, STAjets found that they lacked the pipeline visibility and tracking tools they needed to run efficiently. Zach Rutledge, Director of Charter Sales, led STAjets’ quest to find a solution that would take their business to the next level. (more…)

  • Sales Reporting vs. Sales Intelligence – The Great Debate

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    Although the terms “sales reporting” and “sales intelligence” have traditionally been used interchangeably, the recent surge of big data and real-time analytics is cause for companies to make an important distinction. While there is an argument to be made for each having its place in the data-driven sales organization, there are a few key differences between these two approaches that businesses should know.

  • 5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Sales Software

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    Try doing a quick Google search for “sales software.” At the time of this blog post, Google returned more than 540,000,000 results! Clearly, searching for a solution to improve sales productivity and performance is an overwhelming challenge in today’s oversaturated market. To make choosing a vendor even more difficult, after months of painstaking research and weeks of deployment, companies are often accosted by a sudden slew of hidden costs and unexpected roadblocks.

    So what’s the best, most effective way to evaluate today’s array of sales CRM options, and how do you know whether you’re making the right decision for your business? Here are 5 critical questions to ask that will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and narrow down the playing field.


  • Customer Spotlight: Launchcloud

    UK startup extends platform capabilities with Base integrations

    launchcloud-logoSoftware startup Launchcloud is on a bold mission to create smarter ways of capturing data. Founded in 2012, Launchcloud helps field-based staff create forms, collect data, and analyze results via their desktop and mobile apps. They’re digitizing and automating the old-school processes of data capture, and business is booming. CEO Matt Doyle discusses Launchcloud’s search for a powerful and extendable sales solution with endless integration potential.


  • 3 Steps to Start Transforming Sales from an Art into a Science

    Blog_Art vs Science of SalesAs the age-old adage “the art of sales” conveys, sales success has traditionally been considered a game of skill honed by sales veterans over years of deals won and lost. But with the continued rise of big data and real-time analytics, businesses are beginning to ask themselves: how can the art of sales be scaled, quantified and refined?

    Just as marketers are no longer measured by the cleverness of an ad campaign but by its associated cost per lead and conversion rate, sales must forgo gut feelings and educated guesses in favor of processes that are repeatable, measurable and insightful. Let’s take a look at three ways that your business can start adopting a more scientific approach to sales. (more…)

  • The #1 Mobile Sales App For Android Gets A Makeover

    mobile sales app base

    Android users rejoice, today we’re rolling out a brand new mobile sales experience built from the ground up with the latest Google material design principles.

    The all new application is replacing a fragmented mobile experience to align with the latest Android operating systems. You’ll now notice a consistent experience across all Android applications.