• We Raised $15M To Fix Business Software – What It Means For You

    Last week we announced a fresh $15M round of funding and I wanted to take the opportunity to share a bit more about our vision.

    Everything we do at Base stems from a strong fundamental belief that business software is broken. It’s served us well so far, but failed to take advantage of the unprecedented computing breakthroughs we experienced over the last several years.

    ACT v Salesforce

    There are specifically two transformational forces that will forever change how we use software at work:

    1. Mobility – you don’t need me to tell you that tablets are outselling PCs. You knew that already. Here’s our bet: 10 years from now, there will be no PCs at work. Ultra thin, light and powerful tablets will be carried by every information worker. Those tablets will seamlessly connect with your screen at the office and other peripherals upon need.

    But there’s much more to mobility than simply being able to carry a powerful computer around. It also introduces a new form of interaction and provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to rethink user interfaces and move away from the archaic concepts that we used on the web to extremely contextual and intelligent interfaces.

    2. Intelligence – let’s talk about the overused and overhyped “Big Data” buzzword. I really like Dan Ariely’s quote here:

    Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it…“.

    There is an extremely small number of companies that get big data right. We made it our mission to be one of those companies. Data is extremely powerful and with power comes great responsibility. Hence, it is critical to understand and interpret data correctly. We’re not revealing our plans here just yet but I can only say that we plan to stun our customers with the level of insight we will provide them right out of the box, like the sales duration analysis report you won’t find in any other product.

    How are we building Base? Well, when we set out to build Base, we knew that the end goal for us was to build the new interface for business software. We could opt in for the “easy path” and build that on top of the Salesforce platform. But that would be like trying to invent a new type of car by taking another car and replacing the engine with a battery. Not a good idea. Turns out that you have to start from scratch and rethink the entire stack, from the infrastructure to the application layer to the interfaces and eventually to the way you market and sell this new type of software.

    The problem with the existing stack is that it is not future ready and cannot be amended to be. You can patch it, put a lipstick on it, market and sell it as such, but it is nearly impossible to actually “re-platform” it. At some point, the incumbent’s customers and prospects understand that the platform is not future ready and are not willing to take the risk of getting stuck with old business technology several years down the road. That’s when the tipping point occurs. Base is opening that gap, step by step, ferociously.

    Like any work of value, building an entire integrated experience is significantly harder and requires a lot more effort and time. That’s why we’re hiring like crazy for product and have built a big engineering team at such an early stage.

    We’re on a mission. We have an unstoppable team, more resources and even more great partners onboard to go execute on that ambitious vision.

    We want to thank all of our customers and supporters. We’re doing it for you, we couldn’t do it without you and we’re thrilled to have you with us on this journey.

  • Send and Receive SMS Messages from Base

    send sms from web or mobile

    Whether by phone, email or text, the need to track communication with your customers is critical to managing your relationships. Today, we’re happy to announce that you can send and receive SMS messages from Base. Just like email and phone calls, text messages are contextually tracked and logged to Leads, Contacts and Deals. When you look at a contact card, you will see any emails, texts or phone calls exchanged with that person.


  • The Rise of Consultative Sales

    Talented sales professionals must wear many hats. Some times they must be the hardball negotiator, and at other times the trusted friend, and all the different roles in between. Each of these different approaches to the sales game are equally valid depending on the customer and the industry.

    Sales reps who take the counselor role are pursuing the route of consultative sales. This concept has been growing in popularity over recent decades, and many professionals have added “adviser” to their list of roles. Dan Newman recently wrote about 4 trends dominating customer engagement, centered around the theme of consultative sales. Today’s reps might be well served to work a little bit of psychology into their strategy to best serve today’s changing customer base. Here’s what you need to know about when consultative sales works and why.


  • 7 Ways To Repurpose Your Most Important Message To Find New Customers

    You or your marketing team has created a masterpiece!  A magical collection of words and images that captures the essence of what your company offers to your customers. It is clear, highlights the advantages of selecting you over your competition and positions you as the go-to solution in your market. It has influenced prospects to choose to do business with you. It resides in different formats ranging from a yellow note pad, to a slide deck, to sticky notes and many times to a whiteboard or flipchart from a very productive session with employees or customers.

    Sadly, it is frequently found sitting idly on the sidelines of your sales and marketing efforts while your potential customers are searching high and low for what you provide.

    This post shares seven ways to re-purpose your magical masterpiece and get it in front of an expanded audience of prospects that need your product or service right now.

    7 Ways To Repurpose Content


  • How To Build A Sales Team That Will Dominate The Competition And Drive Growth [Online Seminar]

    It’s no secret that selling can be a difficult profession. It’s challenging in ways that other positions aren’t. It can be high stakes, it takes a lot of effort and determination, it comes with deadlines and quotas, and you often do most of your work on your own.

    Depending on the company you work for, you may be up against different challenges than, say, your buddy that works in sales for another company. Let’s explore the sliding scale of selling challenges.

    Salesperson A works for a small startup. The company has gone through several rounds of funding and Salesperson A is the main point of contact for giving these investors a return on their investment.

    Salesperson B works for a large corporation. The company is well known in their industry and the general public is aware of the brand.

    At the end of the work day, Salesperson A and Salesperson B can have very different experiences because they face different selling challenges.


  • Base Releases Customized Lead Capture Forms

    base lead capture form

    Create a customized lead capture form to send Leads from your website to Base.

    Connecting Base to your website gets a whole lot easier today, with our new Lead capture form with custom fields. The form is connected to Base so every time someone fills out the form you are notified real-time and the Lead is created automatically.

    We’ve seen customers get creative in the past using services like Wufoo to build forms, and then connecting them to Base via Zapier. The madness ends today.


  • 18 Sales Experts Share Their Best Tip for Maximizing Productivity

    Nobody is a sales genius right out of the gate. The best salespeople are constantly looking for ways to improve their technique, make gains in efficiency, and generally maximize their productivity.

    We asked a few of today’s most productive, efficient, and successful sales experts to share their best sales productivity tips, and they came through in a big way.

    Time management, efficiency, and relationship-building were top priorities for many of the sales pros we talked to. Any salesperson who is willing to take the time and effort to incorporate these tactics into their regular routine will see awesome improvements in their efficiency and overall sales productivity.


  • 7 Rules For Increased Sales Productivity

    The pressure for sales professionals is on.  It mounts as the quarters or years go by and the reward once you hit your number is another number.  So just as you take a breath after winning that last minute deal to make your year, just know, it is coming at you once again.

    In a fast paced world where results are sometimes the only thing that matters, it is each of us as individuals that need to be smarter and more productive. This often means doing more with less and you know what, most sales people are up for the challenge.

    So when the next number is thrown our way it is time to get down to business and we all know the more productive we are the better. Here are 7 rules for increased sales productivity that can help every sales pro get just a little (or a lot) more done each day:


  • How To Automate Repetitive Work To Up Your Productivity

    You are putting in the hours. Your effort is being given. Well-meaning friends and leaders will recommend “work smarter, not harder”.  Yet you are not getting the results you and your company are expecting. There can be several reasons for this but typically your productivity is a great place to put your focus.

    Productivity is defined by Dictionary.com as:

    “The quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services”.

    Every job has repetitive, tedious tasks that are required on a regular basis. Many are done on a regular, predictable schedule over and over. An opportunity now exists to leverage the latest web tools to automate these specific, repetitive actions either one at a time or in a sequence that triggers a chain reaction. The opportunity is to “automate the repetitive stuff”.

    I have found the following exercise helpful in identifying the activities in your day and then to decide which of these can be automated so you don’t have to do them yourself.



  • The 3 Biggest Killers of Sales Productivity (And How To Combat Them)

    To advance in the world of sales, productivity is the name of the game. You need to consistently make the most of your time in order to pull in the big deals. If everyone knows that being productive is so important, then why are some people more successful at it than others?

    It all comes down to knowing what real productivity is. Many of the tasks that fill the work day aren’t doing anything to improve your performance, but they create the illusion that you are working hard and getting ahead.

    These are the three ways that you might not be working up to your full potential. But don’t worry, staving off those productivity killers isn’t as hard as it might seem.