• How To Automate Repetitive Work To Up Your Productivity

    You are putting in the hours. Your effort is being given. Well-meaning friends and leaders will recommend “work smarter, not harder”.  Yet you are not getting the results you and your company are expecting. There can be several reasons for this but typically your productivity is a great place to put your focus.

    Productivity is defined by Dictionary.com as:

    “The quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services”.

    Every job has repetitive, tedious tasks that are required on a regular basis. Many are done on a regular, predictable schedule over and over. An opportunity now exists to leverage the latest web tools to automate these specific, repetitive actions either one at a time or in a sequence that triggers a chain reaction. The opportunity is to “automate the repetitive stuff”.

    I have found the following exercise helpful in identifying the activities in your day and then to decide which of these can be automated so you don’t have to do them yourself.



  • The 3 Biggest Killers of Sales Productivity (And How To Combat Them)

    To advance in the world of sales, productivity is the name of the game. You need to consistently make the most of your time in order to pull in the big deals. If everyone knows that being productive is so important, then why are some people more successful at it than others?

    It all comes down to knowing what real productivity is. Many of the tasks that fill the work day aren’t doing anything to improve your performance, but they create the illusion that you are working hard and getting ahead.

    These are the three ways that you might not be working up to your full potential. But don’t worry, staving off those productivity killers isn’t as hard as it might seem.


  • 3 Sales Productivity Insights You Can Gather From Base

    Productivity in sales often means working smarter, not harder. In this age of big data, the amount of data you capture in your CRM system matters. Base saves valuable time by capturing your customer interactions automatically so you collect the data you need to understand your team’s sales productivity.

    Reports are more than just a looming threat for your weekly meetings. They help everyone on the team to know what is working well and what isn’t. They assess the health of the pipeline and the bottom line. And yes, they can do wonders for productivity.

    In this post, we’ll explore a few productivity insights you can grab from Base to help your team work smarter, not harder.


  • 5 Lousy Sales Management Tactics (and What to Do Instead)

    5 Lousy Sales Management Tactics

    Over the past decade, I’ve listened to dozens of salespeople complain about their sales managers, many of whom apparently believe that sales success comes from manipulating rather than coaching. Here are the six most commonly-mentioned sales manager tactics, and why they always backfire:


  • How To Use Twitter As A Sales Prospecting Tool

    A study from Forrester Research shows that buyers are frequently up to 90% through the process of considering a purchase before they actually get in touch with the vendor. Customers are doing their research about you before they even think about contacting you, and you should do the same. Learning as much as possible about potential buyers during your prospecting phase will make it easier to build a relationship with them and give them the info they need at every stage of your sales pipeline, and Twitter is a great place to start.

    Twitter offers two incredible benefits to salespeople:

    • Easy, personalized communication with customers and their communities
    • A fire hose of free data about those individuals and communities

    The first step is actually finding and connecting with potential customers. Twitter offers a few great tools for finding individuals within your target market:


  • 3 Fail-Safe Negotiation Tips From Shark Tank

    If you know what’s important to your buyer, you are in a great position to negotiate. Figuring out exactly what your buyer values most in a deal allows you to focus on their needs while still providing you tons of leverage to negotiate the terms you want.


    Image Credit: Local Living

    When Aaron Krause pitched his innovative, texture-changing sponge company, Scrub Daddy, on Shark Tank, three of the Sharks made offers, and immediately started trying to outbid each other. The bidding war that broke out among the Sharks gave Krause an amazing level of insight into just how desirable his company was, and a good negotiator can always turn that kind of insight into leverage.


  • Base Email for iOS is here

    mobile sales email for ios

    Last week, Android users had the chance to sync email to their mobile device. This week, it’s iOS users turn. Mobile email is now available for all Base iPhone and iPad users. 

    With this new release, you now have access to focused work email, everywhere you go. Emails sent from Base will include statuses so you can see if and when an email is opened.

    Additionally, Leads, Contacts and Deals are contextually marked so you know if there are unread emails or incomplete tasks. For the complete details on these new updates, click here.

    Update to the latest version of Base for iOS to start using Email in Base.

    If you’re not yet a Base user, but want to try mobile email for iOS, sign up for a no-risk free trial here.

    Want to learn more about mobile email in Base? Check out this video:

  • An Inside Look At Growing Hubspot’s Sales Team, As Told by Mark Roberge, SVP of Inbound Sales

    Inside Hubspot with Mark Roberge

    This is the final segment of a three-part interview series with Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer and SVP of Inbound Sales at Hubspot.

    For those of you who missed the first two parts of this interview, Mark recently sat down with Base CEO, Uzi Shmilovici during an event by The Forecast Club in Boston. In part 1, Roberge shares his story about how he and his team took Hubspot from a class project at MIT in 2005 to 80 million dollars in revenue in 2013. The second interview focuses on inbound sales, transparency and big data. In this final segment, questioning is opened up to the audience and Roberge shares his biggest challenges in scaling a sales team, the importance of coaching and his biggest mistakes. You can scroll to the end to watch the full video interview.


  • [Ebook] 25 CRM and Sales Productivity ‘Must Haves’ For Growing Your Business and Keeping Your Customers Happy

    Productivity is name of the game in sales. To perform at the highest levels, you need to make the most of your time.  A sales rep who is productive means better service for clients, and happier customers mean more deals. Plus, being more productive keeps the entire sales team moving forward, making progress toward quarterly and annual goals.

    Considering how productivity impacts all levels of a company, it’s worth having people and tools that can make all elements of the sales world operate smoothly. Base is designed to significantly boost your team’s sales productivity and give you the core sales tools you need to grow your business.

    We wrote this ebook to explore 25 features that are included in Base that will bolster your productivity. From how you manage your contacts to where you can work to how you assess your performance, you’ll learn how Base can make you a lean, mean, productive sales machine.

    Here’s a preview of some of the features we’ll discuss in the ebook – be sure to download the complete ebook for the entire list.


  • Lori Richardson Discusses The Gender Gap In Sales, And What She’s Doing To Combat It

    Lori Richardson Interview

    Lori Richardson is the founder and CEO of Score More Sales. She is an expert on B2B front-line sales growth in mid-market companies and also writes about sales for technology brands.  Lori is President of Sales Shebang, which features the world’s top B2B women sales experts.

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Lori about why she thinks the sales industry is ripe for a women-focused sales organization.