• Updated Dashboard Deal Insights


    Today we’re releasing a new set of dashboard deal insights to give you deeper visibility into what’s going on in your Base account. The dashboard deal insights allow you to see a detailed list of team deal load, sales progress, and recent deal activity. We’re also adding the following levels of visibility for managers:

    • My Deals
    • My Team’s Deals**
    • All visible Deals

    **At the sales rep level, ‘My Team’s Deals’ isn’t an option.

    Adding Upcoming Appointments

    We’ve also added upcoming appointments to the dashboard to keep you on top of your day. The upcoming appointments can be found at the bottom right corner of the dashboard below tasks. See an example below. Enjoy!


  • Introducing a Brand New Guide for Evaluating Mobile CRMs


    Here at Base, we’ve come to learn a thing or two about what it takes to create a killer mobile selling experience. In fact, we’ve learned so much through our own experiences that we’ve become experts in mobile sales. And so we decided it was about time to share our treasure trove of knowledge with you all.

    In our latest ebook, Choosing the Right Mobile CRM for Your Team, we offer some expert tips and tricks for evaluating and strategically finding the best mobile CRMs. If you’re looking to build a mobile sales team, this ebook is an absolute must.


  • New Communication Smart List Keeps You In Touch With Prospects and Customers

    My Communication Smart List

    When you get busy, things fall through the cracks. And if you’re using a traditional email client, it’s not easy to figure out who you’re losing touch with. The communication smart list in Base makes it easy to keep tabs on all your communication and never miss a follow up. The communication smart list is a powerful new smart list that tracks all your communication automatically.

    Whether you’re trying to stay in contact with leads, contacts, or deals – your communication smart list and the new smart list columns show you how long you’ve been waiting for a response, who you haven’t responded to yet and last outgoing email to a lead or contact. (more…)

  • Base Now Available In Portuguese and French


    Back in August we announced that we were launching Base in English, Spanish, Polish and Dutch. Today we’re pleased to announce that French and Portuguese translations are now available. As usual, the language is set at the user level, meaning that you can use Base in English while a coworker can use Base in French.

    How to switch language in Base

    1. In settings, navigate to the Profile
    2. Under Profile, select the language you’d like to use
    3. Start selling in your language!

  • Say Goodbye to Passwords with Base Single Sign-On


    Think of all the passwords you have to remember on a daily basis: Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, the list is endless. Wouldn’t it be great if you could login to Base without having to rack your brain for that password you made six months ago? We think so. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest update to the login experience, Single Sign-On, available now on Base enterprise.


  • $30 Million and The Dawn Of The Sales Platform


    September was a big month here at Base when we announced our $30 million funding round. For those who didn’t see it, Heather Clancy wrote a great piece in Fortune about the round, but I wanted to dig in a little deeper and share what it means for you, our customer.

    “It’s ok.” That is often the first response you’d get from a sales professional once you ask them what they think of their company’s CRM system. Most likely, if you press a little further, you are actually more likely to hear a series of profanities that’ll end with “but we must use it or we don’t get our commission.”

    There’s a reason for that. CRM software didn’t change much over the last 20 years. Sure, it is in the “cloud” now. It is also better integrated with other software products. Still, the core product and capabilities remained the same since the days of Siebel Systems back in the mid nineties. (more…)

  • Create Multi-Select Custom Fields With Base


    Importing data can be a drag. At Base, we try to make this experience as easy and flexible as possible. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest update to custom fields. Starting today, you can map imported data to multi-select custom fields.

    Sometimes you may come across a contact or lead that falls into a gray area. For example, does your contact fall under the accounting industry, software industry, or both? Are they a retail business with multiple merchandise categories and seller types? We don’t live a singular life, and your sales platform should reflect that. With multi-select custom fields, you have the opportunity to create custom fields with a drop down picker that lets you select as many options as you want. To create such a custom field, head over to your Settings tab and select either leads or contacts in the Customize tab. From there, click on the second tab for Custom Fields and click “Add Custom Field.” Select “Multi-Select” in the field type dropdown then simply add your choices for each option. (more…)

  • Powerful New Filters Keep Your Data Clean


    Say no to incomplete data. Today, Base is introducing powerful new filters for smart lists that help you identify incomplete data. The new filter options for smart lists allow you to filter your data and only display leads, contacts or deals that are missing certain fields. Previously, it was impossible to find records with incomplete data in Base.

    I’ve been playing with these filters internally for a few days now. Here are some of the ways I’ve used the new filters. (more…)

  • Global Expansion: Base Now Available In 3 New Languages

    Hola! Hallo! We’re fortunate to have customers from around the world. Ever since we first launched Base, there’s been one persistent question, “When will Base be offered in different languages?” We’ve even had customers offer to assist with the translations!

    We’re excited to announce that starting today, you can use Base in English, Spanish, Polish and Dutch. (more…)

  • Sales Sentiment For Email Is Now Available on Mobile

    Mobile Email Sentiment

    A few months ago we released Sales Sentiment Analysis for Email, an amazing feature courtesy of our Big Data team that uses artificial intelligence to alert you of negative sentiments in your emails. It’s a real game-changer in the world of sales and we’ve received an amazing response from our customers. But up until now, you were only notified about emails with negative sentiment on the web version of Base. Shouldn’t you know when a deal is at risk even when you’re away from your desk? We think you should. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Email Sentiment Analysis will now be available on mobile for every Base customer. When you enable sentiment notifications, you’ll get mobile alerts about emails with negative sentiment, allowing you to jump in and save your deals anytime, anywhere.