• Zenefits CEO Parker Conrad added to Forecast lineup and Agenda Announced

    Forecast 2015 is just a few weeks away, and the anticipation is building! We’re thrilled to share two big announcements with you: the agenda for this year’s conference has been released on our website, and we’ve added some great new speakers to our lineup.

    Forecast 2015 is all about learning from the most relevant sales innovators and business moguls. We’ve scheduled talks on everything from the science of sales to what it takes to build a sales machine because we want to make sure that you walk away knowing something of real value. Check out all the details and see what we have planned on forecast2015.com.


  • Base Integrates with Microsoft Exchange for Contacts


    We love bringing you new integrations that will make your sales process more complete. So we’re thrilled to announce our newest integration. Base now integrates with Microsoft Exchange for Contacts.  You now have the opportunity to easily and automatically sync your contacts between Microsoft Exchange and Base. It’s a simple, fast and real-time, meaning your contacts will always be up-to-date.


  • Advanced Stage Duration Report Helps You Understand Your Sales Cycle

    Stage Duration by Owner

    Two reports that go hand in hand in Base are the Stage Duration Analysis and Stage Duration by Owner reports. The Stage Duration Analysis helps sales leaders identify the ideal time a deal should spend in each sales stage and the Duration by Owner report lets them track rep performance.

    When you combine the insights from these two reports, you know how long deals should spend in each stage and the average time reps are holding deals in each sales stage. From there it’s simple, determine why specific reps are holding deals in stages for too long and get them help! (more…)

  • Sales Sentiment for Email, Knows When Deals Are About to Be Lost

    sales sentiment for email

    Today the Base Big Data team is releasing Sales Sentiment for email, a secret sales weapon the Base team has been using internally for quite a while. Now it’s your turn to try. Sales Sentiment for email applies artificial intelligence to analyze linguistic patterns in your prospect’s email and alerts you when an email contains negative sentiment, usually signaling a deal is in jeopardy of being lost. Sales Sentiment for email is available today for every single Base customer. (more…)

  • No Hillary, No Bruno – Why you want to be at Forecast

    Forecast 2015

    A few weeks ago we announced Forecast, a conference for forward thinking sales leaders.

    We’re not going to have Hillary Clinton speak and Bruno Mars will not sing on stage. However, we will be celebrating something very important.

    Over the last several years, there has been amazing progress in technology for sales teams. After years of trying to get CRMs to work for sales, we all finally realized that they just don’t cut it. There has been a proliferation of tools that help us become more productive as sales individuals and sales organizations. (more…)

  • Base levereges big data for the new Time Capsule exporter

    big data time capsule

    Today we’re releasing Time Capsule, the first of many Big Data sales tools that aims to make the lives of sales reps and sales leaders better. Time Capsule is a historical exporter that allows you to export snapshots of your Base account from any point in time. While the technology running in the background is cutting edge, we’ve worked hard to ensure the experience is simple and straightforward.


  • Smart List Now Available for Contacts


    The Smart List trifecta is now complete: Smart List is now available for Contacts. All of the Smart List functionality that you know and love has been seamless added to your Contacts tab, with a few custom perks.

    Once you navigate to the Contacts tab, simply click on the Smart List button to see the brand new Smart List view. From this point you can start building your custom Smart List using our wide array of filters. Want to view the Prospect Status and/or Customer Status for all of your Contacts? Not a problem, just click on the filters and have them applied to your Smart List. This is just one example, the tip of the iceberg really, of how many filters are at your disposal. After you’re done filtering and sorting your Contacts, just sit back and watch as your data is reorganized and customized to fit your specifications.

    If you’re wondering if these new Smart Lists are exportable, then have no fear. Click the export button at the top right corner of your Smart List and you’re set. Once the export is complete, you’ll receive an email with your Excel file to download.

    Loving this dynamic trio of Smart Lists? Have a suggestion? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear it!

  • Why every sales team needs a Sales Data Scientist


    I have hacked with engineers, worked with marketers, rubbed shoulders with designers. But, working with sales teams, I have learned how different their world could be. While most other hats, require you to work on bits and bytes, sales teams work primarily with people, which makes it all the more challenging and that much more exciting!

    A day in the life of a sales rep involves – emails, calls, screen-shares, meetings, calendar invites for more meetings, notes, follow ups, prospects, research, due-diligence, wrap-ups, products fits, up-sell & cros-sell, demos, quotes, negotiations, discounts, filling goals, checking quotas, commits, refining forecasts – all for one opportunity. Now repeat that over and over, every day. (more…)

  • Watch out Windy City, the top Inside Sales Experts are headed your way


    In two weeks we’ll be packing our bags and heading to Chicago as a sponsor of this year’s 7th Annual AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit taking place April 21st and 22nd. The upcoming Leadership Summit is a golden hub for Inside Sales Leaders looking to network, engage and learn from the best in the business. (more…)

  • Smart List Now Available For Leads


    We’re proud to announce that Smart List is now available for Leads. Ever since we released the Smart List back in January, a number of you have expressed how much you love how robust, simple, quick, and interactive they are. In fact, quite a few of you guys commented on our original post asking when this amazing feature would be applied to other sections in Base. Well guys, the wait is over.

    One Spot, All The Answers

    Smart List is now available for leads which means you can sort, filter and customize your leads so that you can not only view lists tailored to your needs, but also get the most out of your data. It’s easy, intuitive, and follows the same beautiful design that you love to engage with in the sales pipeline view.

    At the top of the Smart List you’ll see exactly how many leads are in each stage of your pipeline. Then all you have to do is set the filter columns that you want to apply to your Leads. Filters like Lead Score, Tags, Custom fields and many more put you in the driver’s seat. With Smart Lists for Leads, you’ll always get lists that show you exactly what you want to see.

    Click to Export

    Want to export a Smart List you’ve created for your Leads? No problem. As you may remember, we released export functionality for Smart Lists a little over a month ago. So of course we would apply this great bonus feature to Smart Lists for Leads. Export your Smart List for Leads with the click of a button. It’s that simple.

    Give Smart List for Leads a try and let us know what you think. Have any other suggestions? Other places you’d like to see Smart Lists (hint contacts coming soon)? Let us know in the comments below.