New Feature: Email Templates and Merge Tags now available

Email Template
Today we’re introducing Email Templates and Merge Tags to give your email a productivity boost. You’re now able to create unlimited email templates on all plans. The addition of merge tags lets you personalize all of your emails pulling information from the Contact, Lead or Deal card.

Unlimited Templates

If you find yourself sending the same email over and over, it may be useful to create email templates. Once you create a template, you’re able to send emails in a matter of seconds. Follow these instructions to create your first email template. After you create a template, click on the template icon in the bottom right corner of an email.
add email template

Dear…{merge tags}

Along with the new email templates, we’re also introducing Merge Tags. These allow you to personalize emails using fields from Base like First Name, Last Name, Job Title or even custom fields. When you’re writing an email, you can add a merge tag to the email by selecting the { } icon (next to the attach button). Merge tags can be saved as part of email templates as well. If you try to add a merge tag and that information isn’t available on the Lead, Contact or Deal we will notify you.

Start using email templates and merge tags in Base now to give your email a major productivity boost. Don’t have a Base account? Try Base with email templates free for 14 days.

  • Qulture Rocks

    Can we use HTML templates with Base?

  • Lukas Olbrich

    How can I use the merge tags from custom fields for deal cards in e-mails? The suggestion list only provides the fields from the contact associated with it.

  • Nuno Hysteric

    How can I edit templates registered ?

  • Richard

    Is the sharing of templates between users possible yet, and if not when is that likely to be? and also when will templates be available on Windows Phone App? Thanks

  • Arnau Grasas

    Would it be possible to save templates also for LEADS?

    • Josh Bean

      Arnau, email templates for Leads are available now. You can try it out from the compose email view on any Lead.

      • Arnau Grasas

        Hi Josh! Ok so now I see,m I can use templates, but they are not the same than templates for contacts or deals ,so I have to create a new template. Fine, thanks!

  • Joe Williams

    It would be cool if this functionality was added to appointments. From appointments when you click “Email attendees” it takes you to your email client. Any chance of adding the same mail merge, subject line, text editor and templates functionality to appointments?

    That would be a godsend!

  • Pablo

    Is it possible to add an attachment to the template?

  • Josh_Bean

    Right now email templates are not shared across users, so it would be best to just type in your phone number in the template, but this is definitely something to consider for the future. Thanks for sharing!

  • Josh_Bean

    Juan, we’re continuing to work on email and hope to have more updates for you soon!

    • Jeremy Nagel

      Any updates on HTML?

      • Josh Bean

        Still no updates in this area, but we know HTML is important and continue to launch email updates weekly to make the entire email experience in Base better.

        • Jeremy Nagel

          When do you think it will be ready?

  • Mark Knopke

    Can we use Templates to send Mass email to say a couple hundred contacts at once? Or do we have to use MailChimp for that?

    • Josh_Bean

      Mark, you can send bulk email directly from Base but it’s currently capped at 100 emails per day. Since emails are sent directly from your mail server, we want to protect you from getting in trouble with your email provider.

      With that said, we’re working to see how we can make this work for you and many other users that have voiced the same request. For now, if you’d like to send a bulk email to more than 100 contacts, MailChimp is the best solution.

  • Amaresh Ray

    Would it be possible to include a merge tag in the subject line of the email itself?

    • Josh_Bean

      Amaresh, great suggestion. I’ve passed this along to the product team to be considered for one of our updates.

  • Levi McClendon

    LOVE the ability to use email templates. Couple questions: 1) Will this be avail on the APP? 2) Can we edit the template name and also edit the template after saving it?

    • Josh_Bean

      Glad you like it, Levi. For the immediate future, templates are a web only feature, although that doesn’t mean you won’t see it on mobile. Give us time to get everything perfected on the web and then we will look at mobile. Who likes typing on those little keyboards, right?

      Editing the template name and deleting templates should be available in the next few days. To edit template content, just select the template you want to modify on any contact, lead or deal, make the changes, then hit the template button and select Save. This will overwrite the previous template you had. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Giampaolo @ NETWALK

    It’s a great new feature! Could you please add the possibility to delete templates? Thanks

    • Josh_Bean

      Thanks for reading! Look for this to be added within the next couple days along with a few other small updates.

      • Giampaolo @ NETWALK

        Thank you!

      • Jae McLaughlin

        Hi Josh,
        Was this implemented as I can’t see the option to delete?