New Feature: Base Notification Center

Base notifications

Alert! Introducing the Base Notification Center – the best way to stay updated on the Leads, Contacts and Deals that matter most. Beginning today you will notice a bell icon in the top right corner of the Base web app, this is your new Notification Center. With Base notifications, you can specify how you’d like to be notified, when you’d like to be notified and even create custom alert triggers. 

Preset Notifications

To help get you jump started with Notifications, we’ve included a few preset alerts. With these preset alerts you will be notified about new assignments, system messages and Task reminders. For all alerts, you have the option to specify whether you’d like a mobile(coming soon), email and/or web Notification.

Custom Notifications

The Custom Notification center allows you to set triggers for the notifications you want to receive. Want to be notified when Deals worth more than 10k move stages? No problem. Looking to stay updated on Notes added to Hot Deals? We’ve got you covered. Create your Custom Notifications now from the Base Settings. To help get you started, we’ve added a few of our favorite Custom Notifications below. Let us know in the comments what custom notification you’re creating.

  • Notify me when Hot Deals from our Lead Capture Form have Tasks or Notes added.
  • Notify me when someone adds a Document to a Contact I own.
  • Notify me about Leads that have a Score higher than 80 and change statuses.

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Getting Started

All of the Notifications are available on all plans. Jump over to the Base Settings to get started. Look for mobile notifications to be available in the next couple weeks.

Don’t have a Base account? Give it a try now. No credit card required to get started.

  • Informerly

    Awesome. Greatest CRM out there.

    • Informerly

      Just make it so I can add a contact to a deal directly from the contact screen and I’m forever sold.

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  • Greg Bauer

    Very good! Excellent for mobile use @Base