Give Email some style with the rich text editor

Send emails with rich text

We’ve added additional functionality to email, with the release of our new rich text editor. Any time you are composing an email in Base, you will find the ability to make text in your email Bold, Italic, Underlined or Bulleted. You can also add in-line images and hyperlinks. The new rich text options can be found any time you’re composingĀ an email in Base. Give it a try today!

For additional power, combine rich text with email templates and send beautiful emails quickly. If you don’t have your email connected to Base yet, log into your Base account and openĀ the Communications Center to get started. Enjoy!

  • Jae McLaughlin

    Love this and using email through Base a good bit more recently. Few things I would love to see
    1. An area where I could create templates but not from the send an email section
    2. The ability to edit a saved template over a previous version of the same template.
    3. To be able to attach a document (for example a brochure) from within Base and not have to select from Computer
    4. The ability to cc or bcc somebody who is outside of my Base CRM contacts like a colleague for example who I dont have on Base.
    5. For the emails that I send out to show on the dashboard
    6. For the emails for a specific person to show on that companies profile (hope this one makes sense) or to be able to click on a company and the send an email and choose from specific people in that company, rather than having to go to the specific person. (again hope that make sense)

    Sorry for the long post :(