CRM for Outlook – Powered by Base

Outlook is great for reading and replying to emails, but when it comes to CRM features like managing contacts and tracking sales, it falls short.

Base is here to solve that.

The Base plugin for Outlook got a BIG update today. It now supports Leads and gives you better control over which groups are synced with Base. If you don’t have Base for Outlook, you can download the plugin here, free. When you add Base to Outlook, you’re not just adding a plugin; you’re adding that missing piece to Outlook that helps you manage and improve your sales tracking.

Here are some of the great new things you can do with Base for Outlook:

Sync Contacts and Leads

You’re a busy person – you don’t have time to enter contacts into Outlook and your CRM. With Base for Outlook, you don’t have to. It’s possible to sync both Leads and Contacts with Outlook and whenever you’re reading an email, just hit “Add to Base.” The email will be sent to Base and will be attached to the sender’s Contact Card.

Base CRM outlook integration add email button

Convert leads

Here at Base, we consider a Lead to be someone who hasn’t been qualified yet. It might be someone you met at a trade show, someone you met on the street or a referral. Once you reach out to them and they do show interest, you can convert them into a Contact and a Deal (Sales Opportunity). With this new update, you can do all of this, straight from Outlook. You’ll find a brand new Convert Lead button up in the top right corner of Outlook whenever you’re looking at a Lead. When you click “Convert Lead” your Lead will be converted into a Contact and a Deal will be created. You can also add a “next step” by creating a task.

Convert leads from Outlook with the Base plugin

convert leads in outlook

Better control over groups that sync

This new update also includes more control over which Outlook categories you’re syncing with Base. When you set up the plugin, you’re able to specify whether each category should be treated as Leads or Contacts. The sync with Outlook is a 2-way sync meaning that updates in Outlook will be visible in Base and any updates in Base will be visible in Outlook.
Base CRM syncing with Outlook

Outlook for Mac

Mac users, Outlook for Mac doesn’t support 3rd Party Plugins, but you can still connect your email to Base using our full email sync. Connect your email to Base and watch as emails you send to Leads and Customers are automatically synced to their profiles. To learn more about email and Base, click here.

Base for Outlook gives your a sales boost

Base is your CRM for Outlook. If you work with Outlook, you know it can track email, but it’s difficult to also keep track of your sales opportunities. Install Base for Outlook now to give yours sales a boost and manage everything in one place.

Download the Outlook plugin

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