Base Leads API now available

Another week, another update. This week, we bring you goodies in our API.

We’ve seen folks do some awesome things with the Base API, which is why we’re stoked to tell you about our latest Base API update – Leads API Beta. This addition will allow you to build a whole bunch of new integrations to make your Base CRM even more useful than it already is.

For the pros – you can find the new Lead API documentation here. You’ll also want to check out the shiny new Base API Client over on Github.


If you want to integrate Base leads with another software you already use, but you find yourself asking what an API is, rest assured, the guys over at Zapier have you covered. Zapier is a tool for building custom integrations using an easy, drag and drop interface.

Please tell us what great things you are doing with the Base API, we love to hear what you’re working on.

Happy building!

  • Aaron Wallis

    Would really love to have access to custom fields on Deals. Any chance of that happening?

  • fpajot

    Are custom fields available for this API?

    • luisfecam

      Yes so far we have done with GET: /custom_fields , /deal_custom_fields. Hope it helps

  • Jetmaster

    Some of the fields I’m looking to integrate aren’t available. State, Company, setting the Owner, etc. Or adding a Company instead of a person. Great start so far, but are these options coming?

    • Josh Bean

      Additional API support is definitely on the way, however we didn’t want to hold onto the essential functions until then. Company and State should be included in the current documentation though. You should be able to find the details here: