Base Launches Appointments for Easy Scheduling

base appointments

Base is making it easier to schedule and track appointments with customers. We’re pleased to introduce Base Appointments. Use Appointments on your phone, tablet or computer to schedule meetings, send invitations and track meeting history with your customers. Next time you log into your Base account, you will notice a new tab at the top of your screen with today’s date. This calendar will display all of your appointments and tasks with due dates.

Two-Way Sync With Google

Connect your Google calendar to Base and sync your appointments. For example, when you create an appointment in Base, you will see it on your Google Calendar and when you create an appointment on your Google Calendar, you will see it in Base. Connect multiple Google Calendars so you can track everything in one spot.



You can add individual invitees to a meeting or simply add a Deal and Base will add everyone related to that deal. You have the option to send email invitations to the attendees. If an invitation is sent, Base will update whether the recipient has Accepted, Declined or marked the invite as “Maybe.”

meeting invitation

Running Late Notifications

When you’re running late for a meeting, it’s important to notify everyone that you will be there as soon as possible. Base Appointments lets you alert everyone that you’re running late. All you need to do is open the appointment and click how late you will be. We will automatically notify everyone for you. All you need to focus on is getting to the meeting.

Late notification

Each appointment is logged to the Contact, Lead and Deal card. This allows you to look back at your history to see when you last spoke or met with a customer. It also makes it easy to see what time of day you usually meet with a customer.

Base Appointments make it simple to schedule meetings with customers. Check out this video to see what you can do with Base Appointments. Don’t have a Base account yet? Grab one here.

  • madalchemist

    I tried out this appointments feature, and unfortunately the single attendee I sent an invite to accepted, but it does not seem to reflect anywhere in base… is there a reason for this, or somewhere else I should look to find out if someone accepted or declined?

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  • Boston Voice Newspaper

    We love what BASE has done for our companies as we are currently using it for our sales management. We started using the program to track interviews for recruits and it really has set the pace for us as contenders in our industry.

  • Ted Box

    many of us manage multiple calendars (work / private etc) Google manages multiple calendars elegantly and effectively. Why don’t you?

    • Josh_Bean

      Hi Ted,
      Are you looking to manage multiple Google calendars or are they on another system? If you’re looking to add multiple Google Cals you can absolutely add them by going to Settings > Calendars. Other platform support is on the way.

  • Rachel Shillcock

    I love this – great addition. Is it in the pipeline to possibly have appointment scheduling from external people – or is this simply to be used for contacts/clients etc that you’ve already added into Base?

    The reason I ask is because I’d love to introduce some appointment scheduling on my website for my consultancy services and it would be *brilliant* if I could have that linking straight into Base, creating the appointment in both Base and Google Cal and also creating the client here in Base too. Maybe I’m going over the top, but I can always hope. :)

  • joetierney

    Awesome. Works great! Thank you.

  • Nimisha

    This is great, is there any way that we can view all activities per company in one view?

  • Kieran

    Hi guys, great addition. I know it’s only the first release – however only being able to see or edit your own calendar is a bit restrictive.

    Need the ability to enter in appointments for others in the organisation (I would guess that a lot of users have assistants/appointment setters who need this functionality.)

    Also seeing the rest of the teams calendar is a priority.

    Hope these are in the release roadmap,



    • Lauren Licata

      Hi Kieran,

      Thanks for checking out Appointments and for the feedback. We’re on board with being able to view/edit appointments for others within the organization. We actually get that feedback frequently and it is on our radar.

      We wanted to get this first release out as soon as possible, but will be building out more functionality in the future. Any updates will be added to the Base blog here.

      Thanks for your continued support!