Marius Fermi

Marius Fermi is the Director of Online Communications & Head of Search Marketing at Tactical Sales Training, a UK-based sales consultancy focused on helping sales teams improve their sales performance and win more new business. Connect with him on Google+.

Articles by Marius:

    [Infographic] Surprising Sales Facts & Figures You Need To Know To Win More Deals

    Did you know that 8% of sales people close 80% of sales?

    So why the disparity? Sales is largely a numbers game, but too many sales people don’t look at it that way. Of course, other skills like negotiation and relationship building are also key, but if you’re expected to meet strict sales quotas, the numbers are very important.

    Only 2% of sales happen during the first meeting.

    When you spend the day looking to create new leads or close deals, you’ll find that the majority of your success will be further down the funnel. Follow up call’s generate little to no response until you get to about the 8th – 12th call. Realistically, very few sales people are willing to follow up with someone that many times. Paul McCord recently wrote a great post about how to compete in a world with 8 second attention spans.