Magda Walczak

Magda served as VP of Marketing at Atlassian and the VP of Marketing at Base. She holds an MBA from AGSM, where she was a Rotary Scholar. She’s lived on three continents and travels every chance she gets. Magda’s obsessed with animals and wildlife, and loves cooking almost as much as eating. You’ll normally find her at the dog beach with her dog Saylor, her iPhone out of juice after too much Instagram-ing.

Articles by Magda:

    13 Sales Meeting Tips From the Person You’re Selling To

    A lot of what Brian’s wrote in his 11 Do’s and Don’ts for Sales Teams From the Guy Being Sold To resonated with me big time. Frankly, a lot of it made me roll my eyes because it’s shocking how many sales people have said or done silly things in my years as the recipient of sales pitches.

    It got me thinking that there’s a whole other set of tips that apply to in-person meetings specifically, especially for less experienced salespeople. The following are based on my personal experience so if there are others you’d like to add, please do so in comments. It’d be helpful to hear what others think.


    7 Fantasy Football Strategies That Also Work When Hiring a Sales Team

    While I enjoy the occasional Cubs game and I’ll gladly watch the Blackhawks over a beer at the pub, I am certainly not a sports aficionado. So twice a year, when the sales people I work with go nuts – during March Madness and during the Fantasy Football draft — I’m a tiny bit lost. For example, last year during March Madness I selected my teams based on cuteness of their mascots. As you may have suspected, that strategy failed miserably since the Bulldogs didn’t exactly deliver. So if I was going to participate in the office Fantasy Football league, I wanted to prepare a bit and avoid the “Biggest Dud Picker” award… again.

    As I collected all my Fantasy Football strategy tips, I realized something pretty cool – doing a Fantasy Football draft is a lot like hiring a killer sales team. Really.

    Fantasy Football Strategy – use it to win the draft and to build a great sales team

    Here’s the Fantasy Football advice I gathered from my coworkers, Google and Quora. Hopefully, it’ll help you win the draft and get you thinking about your next sales hire.

    The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is catching on.

    By 2017, half of employers will require employees to supply their own computer, phone or tablet at work.

    We’ve been bringing our own devices to work for a while now, but until recently, this wasn’t the norm. Whether it’s just connecting our work email to keep in touch on the go or using our personal computers to make presentations, BYOD adds a level of convenience that we, as employees, appreciate. It looks like employers are finally realizing the benefits of this trend. In fact, according to Gartner, half of United States employers will require BYOD by 2017. Imagine walking in on the first day at work with your beloved Macbook, your pretty Moto X phone and your ultralight tablet. Sounds pretty sweet!

    But to many employers, BYOD is still a scary concept and to them, the risks outweigh the benefits. There are definitely some potential issues that employers worry about: (more…)

    Clip full contact details of prospects from LinkedIn with one click

    If you’ve ever copied and pasted someone’s details from their LinkedIn profile into your CRM, prepare to be floored. You can get all those details into Base with one click. Pretty cool, right? It’s even better to see it for yourself:

    LinkedIn Base Contact Clipper


    Want to switch from Salesforce? It’s easy with our quick importer.

    Let’s be honest. When you hear the words “We’re switching systems” you get a chill down your spine. Not the tingly, exciting chill – the “Please, no!!!” one. You’re scared, and rightfully so. If the sentence you hear is “We’re switching systems from Salesforce to Base,” however, have no fear – rejoice instead. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it just got even better with our newest update to the Salesforce importer.


    We’ve redefined CRM for the Enterprise. Introducing Base Teams.

    We’ve taken a giant leap forward to set a new industry standard for accessing your CRM data. The days of complex rules and ill-defined roles are a thing of the past – we’ve replaced them with an easy, visual and powerful user hierarchies and permissions experience.

    Introducing — Base Teams:

    • New standard in implementation – we’ve made setup ridiculously easy to save you time
    • Teams – organize your team how you want to – teams, groups, you name it – with multi-level hierarchies
    • User-level permissions – control who sees what quickly, easily and visually
    • Advanced reporting – filter all your reports based on the user levels you set


    Smartphone usage grew 30% last year – do your sales tools stack up?

    Last week Mary Meeker unveiled her annual Internet Trends report for 2013. Not surprisingly, it showed strong growth in broadband and mobile users. The growth in mobile was staggering – there are now over 1.5 billion global smartphone subscribers, up from 1.1 billion a year ago. That’s about 30% growth in one year.

    Chances are that you and your sales team are using smart mobile devices as well. But how does your personal experience on a smartphone or tablet compare to that of your business applications? Is your CRM truly mobile optimized or just a bit mobile friendly? Unusable, clunky, mobile-backward CRMs are a real problem.


    It’s 10pm. Do you know where you stand against your monthly sales goal?

    You would if you had a robust CRM. Just sayin’. :)

    Sales is a part of daily life for many of us. Chances are that if you’re reading this post it’s definitely part of your life. You work hard to bring in the leads and you work even harder to close them, which means that you spend every minute you have working your sales pipeline. You know you should keep track of what’s going on, but you struggle to make the time.

    That’s when a customer relationship management tool, or CRM comes in. It helps you automate a large chunk of your sales life and gives you information when you need it. Like at 10pm when you’re getting ready for bed and you’re stressing out about all the customers you haven’t closed yet. If you had a good CRM, you could pull out your phone (or tablet or laptop) and in seconds you could look up exactly where your team stands against the monthly sales goal and where the best opportunities lie.


    Free ebooks to help you boost your sales

    Base CRM 10x more productive ebook series

    At Base, our mission is to make you and your team 10x more productive. To support that, we’re constantly adding new resources on Base adoption, CRM in general as well as business best practices. Our newest aide to your success is a series of free sales ebooks, available for download now. (more…)