Josh Bean

Josh is the Product Marketing Manager at Base, the post-pc CRM. You can find him writing about the latest news from Base and emerging sales trends. He joined the Base team in 2011 and is based in Chicago. He has a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Iowa where he was also a member of the varsity Track and Field team.

Articles by Josh:

    Base Launches Appointments for Easy Scheduling

    base appointments

    Base is making it easier to schedule and track appointments with customers. We’re pleased to introduce Base Appointments. Use Appointments on your phone, tablet or computer to schedule meetings, send invitations and track meeting history with your customers. Next time you log into your Base account, you will notice a new tab at the top of your screen with today’s date. This calendar will display all of your appointments and tasks with due dates. (more…)

    Base Introduces Accounts To Help You Stay Connected To Current Clients

    Today, we’re excited to kick off Accounts in Base, a function that will serve as a key building block for more experiences that help you manage customers after you’ve closed the deal. As we continue to develop Accounts over the next year, you’ll benefit from an additional layer of features that will help you build and nurture your key customer relationships.

    For our current customers, when you log into Base, you will notice that you now have the ability to manually designate Contacts or Companies as an Account. Base will also automatically mark a Contact or Company as an Account if they are attached to a Deal.


    Send and Receive SMS Messages from Base

    send sms from web or mobile

    Whether by phone, email or text, the need to track communication with your customers is critical to managing your relationships. Today, we’re happy to announce that you can send and receive SMS messages from Base. Just like email and phone calls, text messages are contextually tracked and logged to Leads, Contacts and Deals. When you look at a contact card, you will see any emails, texts or phone calls exchanged with that person.


    Base Releases Customized Lead Capture Forms

    base lead capture form

    Create a customized lead capture form to send Leads from your website to Base.

    Connecting Base to your website gets a whole lot easier today, with our new Lead capture form with custom fields. The form is connected to Base so every time someone fills out the form you are notified real-time and the Lead is created automatically.

    We’ve seen customers get creative in the past using services like Wufoo to build forms, and then connecting them to Base via Zapier. The madness ends today.


    Base Email for iOS is here

    mobile sales email for ios

    Last week, Android users had the chance to sync email to their mobile device. This week, it’s iOS users turn. Mobile email is now available for all Base iPhone and iPad users. 

    With this new release, you now have access to focused work email, everywhere you go. Emails sent from Base will include statuses so you can see if and when an email is opened.

    Additionally, Leads, Contacts and Deals are contextually marked so you know if there are unread emails or incomplete tasks. For the complete details on these new updates, click here.

    Update to the latest version of Base for iOS to start using Email in Base.

    If you’re not yet a Base user, but want to try mobile email for iOS, sign up for a no-risk free trial here.

    Want to learn more about mobile email in Base? Check out this video:

    Hello Base, Goodbye Highrise – New Importer Released

    Import from highrise

    Since 37signals announced that they would be halting production of Highrise and Campfire to focus solely on Basecamp, many Highrise customers have wandered over to Base. Welcome, ex-Highrisers! Last week, we blogged about the challenges of migrating data and how we aim to make that experience as pleasant as possible. Today we’re introducing a new and improved Highrise importer that makes moving to Base from Highrise a snap.  (more…)

    Import Dropdown Custom Fields with Base

    Import dropdown options

    Any time you’re moving your data from one system to another, it can be a challenge. Here at Base, we’re trying to make that a little easier for you. Starting today, you can map imported data to dropdown custom fields. (more…)

    Base Email for Android is here

    base email for android

    We’ve been working hard to bring Base email to mobile devices. Starting today, Android users can sync their email with Base.

    Base email syncs with your mailbox and automatically matches communication with your Leads, Contacts and Deals so you can see the big picture. No matter where you send email from (the web, another app, your tablet) Base will capture all of your communication and display it in one easy to understand feed.


    Base Goes Global with Multi-Currency Support

    You asked, we listened. Next time you add a Deal in Base, you’ll have the option to set the local currency for that deal. Since the beginning, Base has supported default account currencies from around the world, but now it’s possible to have a single pipeline with multiple currencies.

    add multiple currencies


    Stage Conversion Report, only in Base


    As a sales manager, it’s important to know which of your sales reps is moving deals through the sales pipeline efficiently. Today, we’re introducing the Stage Conversion Report to help you identify sales stage conversion rates for each of your team members. It lets you compare your reps’ performance in each stage and discover their strategies. For example, you can see who is a qualifier and who is a closer.

    This new report shows you the average conversion rate for the entire team, as well as each rep’s individual stage conversion. To track deal conversion rates across multiple stages, click on the stage names on the left hand side of the report.

    Check out the Stage Conversion Report in action below:

    The Stage Conversion Report is available free with the Professional and Enterprise plans. Current Base customers, give this report a try today to see who’s killing it and who needs additional coaching. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. If you’re not using Base yet, you can sign up for your free trial here.