Dan Newman

Daniel Newman, founder and CEO of Broadsuite Consulting and author of "The Millennial CEO" , focuses on helping brands to be found, seen and heard online and off. Daniel is a broadly published author and speaks on leadership, sales and marketing topics across globally recognized sites such as Huffington Post, SAP, IBM and more. He also co-founded the global online community, 12 Most, and was recognized by the Huffington Post as one of the 100 business and leadership accounts to follow on Twitter.

Articles by Dan:

    Customer Engagement Strategies: 6 New Rules For Sales Executives

    Customer Engagement Strategies

    To celebrate the launch of his new book, “The New Rules of Customer Engagement,” we partnered with Daniel Newman to give the digital version of his book away for free!

    This post discusses some key customer engagement strategies, as it applies to sales professionals. At the end, you’ll find the link to download the entire book for free.


    7 Rules For Increased Sales Productivity

    The pressure for sales professionals is on.  It mounts as the quarters or years go by and the reward once you hit your number is another number.  So just as you take a breath after winning that last minute deal to make your year, just know, it is coming at you once again.

    In a fast paced world where results are sometimes the only thing that matters, it is each of us as individuals that need to be smarter and more productive. This often means doing more with less and you know what, most sales people are up for the challenge.

    So when the next number is thrown our way it is time to get down to business and we all know the more productive we are the better. Here are 7 rules for increased sales productivity that can help every sales pro get just a little (or a lot) more done each day:


    4 Trends Dominating Customer Engagement That Sales Teams Need To Know About

    4 customer engagement trends

    For the last 20 years the way we sell has been evolving. In the past 5, it has accelerated with the rapid proliferation of social networks, cloud and mobility.

    Have you ever stopped to think how peculiar it is that when change happens really fast, it is so noticeable, yet when it happens gradually, we’re surprised when the change finally becomes apparent?

    Take yourself for instance.  Every morning we rise and most of us go through our routine.  At some point we look in the mirror and since we do it every day we rarely notice how much we’re changing.

    It isn’t until you see an old photograph of yourself or you meet an old friend that you notice just how different you look.

    Our professional lives have a lot of parallels to this analogy about change.  As we progress throughout our careers, we as individuals change, our roles (often) change, our company’s change and the people we work with change as well.

    However, because we rarely look at all of the small changes at one time, we just become accustomed to small shifts and they tend to not really affect us until we see the impact of many small events leading to a very different world.

    Perhaps you are wondering what all of this means.  What does our changing face or the evolution of our careers have to do with better selling and marketing to our customers?

    The answer is it has everything to do with better selling and marketing because for the last 20 years the way we sell has been evolving and in the last 5 it has accelerated with the rapid proliferation of social networks, cloud and mobility.

    If you are in sales, you may be feeling this change, or you may be wondering what I mean, but I assure you that the change is here and in order to continue being successful for the next five, ten or twenty years there are some critical shifts you must be aware of.

    Here are 4 important shifts that sales and marketing professionals must integrate into their strategies to ensure continued sales success in the highly connected digital economy.