Brian Lastovich is the Online Marketing Manager at Base, the post-pc CRM, where he oversees all online marketing initiatives. He has 5 years of marketing experience in the B2B software startup space and starts his morning with a bowl of cereal, swim, and a stroll through his Twitter timeline. You can follow Brian on Twitter @Blast3413 or connect with him on Google+.

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    [Seminar Recap] – Agile Selling with Jill Konrath

    Agile Selling with Jill Konrath header

    Wednesday’s seminar with Jill Konrath, author of Agile Selling was 30 minutes of powerful selling value! If you missed it, don’t sweat it. Make a priority to listen to our recording by clicking here.

    We touched on several topics of her upcoming book including important factors in the purchase decision, goal setting, understanding your competitors and a new way to use LinkedIn. Since there were many subjects talked about, I like to recap our conversation below. (more…)

    [Seminar Recap] – Building a Powerful Sales Engine

    Wednesday’s seminar with Craig Wortmann, CEO of Sales Engine, and professor of Entrepreneurial Selling at The University of Chicago, was our best attended webinar to date! If you missed it, make a priority to watch a recording of the chat by clicking here.

    Building A Powerful Sales Engine

    We had a lot of questions from our audience, and since we weren’t able to answer all of them in the time allotted, Craig and I will do our best to answer them here.

    As a refresher, during the online seminar, we discussed some of the most pressing questions that sales leaders should start thinking about if they are looking to build or sustain a powerful sales organization. Among our discussion, we covered several subjects including:

    • The 3 most crucial sales challenges of today

    • What happens to the sales department in 2020

    • An Art vs. Science sales debate

    • Why sales productivity can be lacking

    So here we go. Here are our best answers to questions the audience had.


    The 5 Most Successful Shark Tank Deals And What You Can Learn From Them

    Shark Tank

    Shark Tank, a popular American reality television series on ABC, started its 5th season this September. For those who are unfamiliar, Shark Tank portrays the initial pitch between investors and entrepreneurs in a shortened televised format. There are many deals made on the show, but after due diligence that’s done afterwards, about half of those deals actually come to fruition.

    While the average viewership of six million may watch the show for the entertainment, it also provides a weekly education on how to successfully sell your product to high-profile prospects. And believe it or not, we can take away a lot of sales lessons from those success stories. Below I’ve identified the top 5 most successful Shark Tank businesses and what we can learn from them.


    9 Ways I Became More Productive on My Commute

    My morning commute is terrible, but it’s really not that bad compared to the average Chicago commuter, who clocks 2400 minutes per month commuting. The first few days I didn’t do much besides listen to my Spotify playlist and eaves drop on the countless people staring into their iPhones and Androids. But then I realized how much time I was wasting every single day on my commute. With a little motivation and organization I started to turn my terrible commute into a tolerable one. Here’s what I did:

    1. Downloaded Audiobooks - If you’re at all like me, you love the feel and procession of a physical book. Heck, I’d rather purchase Seth Godin’s Tribes hardcover for $14.97, then buy the Kindle edition or audiobook. But then I stumbled upon , and saw how easy it was to find and download audiobooks right to my iPhone or iPod. I won’t be making the complete switch to audiobooks anytime soon but it is a great way to catch up on some books I never got around to purchase. A few favorites in my queue are:


    11 Do’s & Don’ts For Sales Teams From The Guy Being Sold To

    As an SaaS online marketer for the past 5 years, I am convinced that the success of a marketing and sales team is directly proportional to the relationship between the two. The closer they work together, the more successful both become. Because I like to practice what I preach, throughout the years I have observed my fair share of sales tactics, emails and phone calls. I’ve seen some work really well and others flop completely. I think it’s time to give back and tell you what works and what doesn’t so you can become a powerful sales machine.