Add a Face to the Name – Introducing Avatars in Base

base avatars

Your CRM is getting a little more personal today. Profile images are now being pulled from Twitter, Facebook, and Skype profiles. All you need to do is supply a social profile for any of your Leads or Contacts and Base will display their profile picture. With over 500 votes on the idea board, this is by far the most requested feature in Base, and we’re excited to deliver it to you.

We’re not stopping at social profiles, next up we will be working on giving you the ability to upload profile photos for your Leads and Contacts.

Stay posted to the blog for more updates. If you’re looking for a quick way to add Facebook contacts to Base, don’t forget to check out the Base Lead and Contact Clipper. Happy Selling!

  • Joachim B. Auster

    YES! XING would be a good thing to be implemented, too! Absolutely.
    On the other hand it would be really helpful, to have an option to upload a picture/image manually for each contact or that it is imported by VCF Import from Outlook.
    Both would be really helpful, would save time and give much more personality.

  • George Siosi Samuels

    Awesome! But companies like RelateIQ are already pulling in social media profiles with merely an email address, which saves an extra step of having to find out the customer’s social media profile details.

  • Patrick Mollet

    Now we companies in Germany/Switzerland/Austria should also have as an alternative to LinkedIn